• Pappu: Dad, What it's like to be married?
    Santa: Just leave me alone.
    While Pappu leaving the room.
    Santa: Why are you ignoring me?
    Pappu: You just asked me to leave you alone.
    Santa: That's how it feels!
  • ब्लु व्हेल से ज्यादा खतरनाक गेम भारत में है उसका नाम है "खेती"।
    ये खतरनाक गेम खेलने वाला किसान आखिर में आत्महत्या कर लेता है।
  • Look At My Abs! After Doing 50 Pushups Goldie was checking himself out in front of the Mirror.
    He proudly asked his Wife, "Dekhe Mere Abs???"
    She replied, "Haahn, Dekh Rahi Hun...
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  • बीवी का ख़ौफ़! गाँव में रात को भजन का प्रोग्राम था, शर्मा जी की बहुत इच्छा थी जाने की पर पत्नी ने मना कर दिया।
    "तुम रात को बहुत देर से आओगे, मैं कब तक...
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  • Who shall open the Indian innings in ODIs series against Sri Lanka?

Aries Today you maybe busy extending help to people around you, no selfish motive intended. You do so because it makes you feel good. But due to Moon in Cancer, astroYogi astrologers predict this planetary movement may make you impatient and very restless. You should be careful with your words, take care not to say anything inappropriate. On the professional front, this may turn out to be a wonderful day for you. You may receive some kind of appreciation or recognition for the commendable job you have been delivering throughout. Green is your lucky color for today. If you plan to do something important, do it between 6 pm to 8 pm. Read More...