• Girlfriend: Can you tell me how to make a tea?
    Boyfriend: Yeah, put some milk.
    Girlfriend: Done, next?
    Boyfriend: Ab Thoda Shakkar.
    Girlfriend: Kal Raat Ko Phone Kyon Nahi Uthaya Mera?
  • पत्नी: आज मेरा जन्मदिन है। बोलो क्या गिफ्ट दोगे?
    पति: बोलो क्या चाहिए?
    पत्नी: कुछ ऐसा दो जिसे देख के मेरी आँख फ़टी की फ़टी रह जाये।
    पति 5 किलो टमाटर खरीद लाया।
  • Hot Bath! Feeling edgy, a man took a hot bath. Just as he`d become comfortable, the front doorbell rang. large towel, wrapped his head in a smaller towel, and went to the door. A salesman at the door wanted to... Read Full Joke...
  • मैं औऱ मेरी तनहाई! मैं औऱ मेरी तनहाई,
    अक्सर ये बाते करते हैं;
    ज्यादा पीऊं या कम,
    व्हिस्की पीऊं या रम...
    पूरा जोक पढ़ें...
  • Do you think India and China should resolve their issues amicably?

Aries Today will be a day of self-discovery for you dear Aries. The Moon in Leo continues to be excellent for your luck, and you find that everything you embark upon turns out really well for you. At the same time you devote some much needed time to yourself. You will be exploring the far corners of your own mind and personality in order to really feel like you know yourself inside and out. This will be a fruitful time for you and the insight that you gain will help you improve your career, family life and relationships. Others will notice the change in you. Your lucky colour today is Maroon, suggest astroYogi astrologers. Planning important work between 10:15 am and 11:15 am will yield excellent results. Read More...