libra (Health Profile)

Health concerns: Libra and its ruler Venus, rule over the kidneys, bladder, renal circulation, acid/base pH balance, blood sugar balance, temperature balance, waist, lower back, belly button, skin, diaphragm, adrenal glands and insulin secretion from the islets of Langheran in the Pancreas. When Libra/Venus is in a challenging relationship to other planets/signs, then kidney disease, kidney stones, cystitis, bladder infection, diabetes, hyperglycemia/hypoglycemia, eczema, blood impurity, and acidosis may be some of the possible ailments.

Advice for Libra: An individual who has a strong influence of Libra’s Venus may rely on society at large to give them love and pleasure but when they are not receiving that boost from others, they may become self-indulgent turning to sweets and sugars to assuage their pain. Have you ever noticed someone who is gushing over with sweetness? It can be almost sickening if it’s not real. That person may be hurting on the inside since they are not receiving enough pleasure and love in their life. They excessive sweetness may be a faulty attempt to create love in their life. Instead, they should seek to increase their self-esteem. They must also have a healthy environment full of love and beauty.

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