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Saturday, November 01, 2014

You will find yourself experiencing problems with taking critical decisions urgently. You will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of every alternative, before you pronounce your verdict. This is a better practice than to take decisions on a whim, even if slow.You will also plan on making some changes to your personal life. This is a good period for you, make the most of it, says Ganesha.


You love to be on the spending spree, but here comes the bad part of it. Bills and payments! You dislike paying hefty amount for the things which you don't know why you have purchased in the first place. It, however, has a brighter side, too. You will now realise the importance of being organised and balanced, feels Ganesha.


You know your cards well, now it all depends upon how you play them to your advantage and boost your business, feels Ganesha. You have an efficient team working for you, but you will need to examine their talents without any biases. If they perform well in absolute terms, you can expect the productivity you require from them, today.


Matters concerning family bonds will keep you occupied for most part today. Be sure to make all your loved ones feel special. Early in the day, those with whom love's labour has been lost might try to end all connections. Proceed with caution when it comes to children, advises Ganesha. Make sure tension does not escalate within the family.


Today is one of those days when you will go through tremendous highs and lows, predicts Ganesha. There are chances of heated arguments with your peers, so keep a check on your tongue. However, evening will be cheerful as you sit back and relax with your group of friends, go for dinner or watch a movie.


Some feelings last forever, and so do some relationships. Bear this in mind and look forward to the beginning of an enduring relationship today, says Ganesha. The joy of companionship shall spill over to the workplace as well, and keep you very delighted and elated today. But you need to watch out for spats with people around you, especially neighbours and acquaintances. It is best to avoid any war of words, suggests Ganesha.


Sorting out long-pending issues will be a lengthy process today. However, Ganesha advises you to be persistent as the results will make all your efforts worthwhile. You will gain the ability to look at things through other peoples' eyes, so to speak. Be generous, as you may have to take your beloved out for shopping in the evening.


When like-minded people come together, a lot of good things happen. And when the group happens to be as trustworthy as it is brilliant, it is sheer magic, says Ganesha. Today, in all probability, you will be at the beneficial end of a luminous meeting of minds. End this fulfilling day on a more personal note by treating your sweetheart to a bit of extravagance. So what if it costs you a small fortune; in love, all is fair!


An enterprising day! You may have a chance of foreign travel, which could benefit you. Your health will not help you in your efforts. You will learn an important lesson of life in the afternoon.


You need to guard against hurting the sentiments of anyone today. You need to pay greater attention to the problems of your elders and solve their issues. Post noon you may find yourself busy in religious or intellectual pursuits, says Ganesha.


This day, your expenses are likely to outrun your budget, your earnings. So says Ganesha. In terms of expenditure, the situation can very well get out of hand, causing you a lot of monetary anxieties. Think twice before spending even a penny. If you have surplus funds in your hand, it is advisable to invest them sensibly instead of frittering them away uselessly. Remember, forewarned is forearmed.


You will find work to be very stressful today. However, it will not prevent you from taking shots at your opponents. You are thoughtful, but can be cunning too. People would have gauged it by now. Ganesha advises you to go ahead nevertheless.

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