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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A day where you will be on your toes, you will find yourself constantly on the move, keeping up with the numerous demands of the workplace in your quest to control the workings of your department or business. Chance encounters with remote relatives are in the offing, says Ganesha.


Today is reserved for outlining projects that will ultimately shape your future. You may want to chalk out a plan for your education, job, or even a relationship. Later in the day, you may get lucky with sudden and unexpected profits. If you're a professional, there are rewards galore, expects Ganesha.


Your extraordinary sense of humour will keep those around you amused throughout the day, so much so that they will look forward to spending more time with you in the future as well, says Ganesha. Also, your ability to solve problems with ease will impress many. Widening social network and maintaining healthy relations with them all will benefit you in numerous ways.


All prim and proper, today you dress up to grab eyeballs. You are surrounded by glitteratti when you attend a social function today. Your effective communication skills will be like icing on the cake and work wonders. Bask in the limelight, says Ganesha.


A turn of tide in fortunes of life awaits you today, predicts Ganesha. The way you think or not will affect your health as much. Evenings may be spent in the pleasant company of friends and family, says Ganesha.


Today, you will try every practical solution at hand to win over somebody's affections, predicts Ganesha. Well, that little bit should get you going. In any case, you make the best possible impression on the opposite sex, and today will be no exception. In the evening, you can expect to spend some magical moments with your family members, says Ganesha.


There is an important turning point about to reveal itself in relationships and how they will proceed. Ganesha sees you busying yourself in arranging a get-together with friends and family. In the evening, the opposite sex will make a whale of a difference between optimism and despair.


You will be full of energy and enthusiasm today, and will be able to excel in all spheres of life. Do not feel low if others fail to appreciate your efforts however. You will consider the financial aspect of everything that you take on today, says Ganesha.


With Ganesha's grace, your dream of gaining name and fame is fulfilled. You will accomplish a task with total planning. Ganesha wishes that you succeed in every endeavour.


You will begin a long-lasting romantic relationship today. Also, you will stay ecstatic and highly motivated throughout the day. In the afternoon, you will successfully avoid any confrontation with those who irk you to no end. That, says Ganesha, is the right way to cultivate patience.


Dark clouds may keep the sunshine from getting through to your window today, says Ganesha. Negative thoughts and apprehensions may cloud your judgement further. You will look to your family and friends to help you get past today. A loved one may play the pivotal role in changing your fortunes and your mood in the evening, predicts Ganesha.


If you have a sportsman spirit, today will be a very bright day for you. You should make the best of it as something unexpected may turn out to be in your favour. Ganesha says you are sensible and know exactly how to balance work and leisure.

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