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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A day wherein you will be busy socialising in the company of your near and dear ones, or childhood buddies. Refurbishing and refurnishing your home is also likely to be on the agenda. You may find yourself visiting a holy place as well, says Ganesha.


It is not everyday that work is rewarding. So, if your boss praises you, feel good about it. You may even begin something new. A joint venture? Go ahead, says Ganesha. You are exceptionally talented. There is no need to blow your own trumpet, your work will speak for itself.


A couple of fascinating developments on the family front will fill the air with excitement, and will keep you pleasantly occupied throughout the day, says Ganesha. Your outstanding efforts at work will be rewarded adequately, but you will need to be extra careful while executing plans as you may commit mistakes that will do irreparable damage.


A mixed bag of fortunes in store today, says Ganesha. At work, expect the unexpected and overlook the expected. Don't you worry if you stumble there, says Ganesha, for the evening promises to be ecstatic and a fitting finale to a rather muddled day.


Life's not too slow nor too fast: you are going steady and strong, feels Ganesha. On the career front, simply grin and bear it all. Workplace efficiency will improve today. At home, you will be happy and content and more importantly at peace, says Ganesha.


Work is always unrelenting and today, it manages to catch up with you in a big way. Expect to be under some pressure to meet deadlines, says Ganesha. But all it takes is to remain level-headed and shrewd in your ways, and you can turn things around to make it a prosperous and flourishing day.


You don't need to be one of the Mafia to realise the importance of family, says Ganesha. Your better half will try spicing up the relationship in the afternoon sometime. So keep fuelling the fires of love a wildfire isn't always bad now, is it?


The best ideas of the greatest geniuses were nothing but serendipitous accidents. Well, Ganesha asks you to remember this, since it is very likely that today, you are on the verge of a sudden inspiration in your professional field. So be prepared to execute work plans to perfection, because somewhere along the course of the day, your 'big idea' is waiting to be discovered. Evening promises to bring with it love and affection from family members, says Ganesha.


A very hectic day for you! Today, you may have too much work to do, and taking even a coffee break may not remain an option. You will be forthright in dealing with issues and nothing will escape your sharp observation. You will be able to manage your work well, and finish it on time.


You may meet with stiff resistance in all your efforts. You should not let it bother you; just keep moving forward. This will help you maintain a good rapport with your bosses. You are likely to taste success in your interim objectives. Your sweet-talk will turn someone into your sweetheart.


In all probability, today you will discover that your family is the foundation of your success, predicts Ganesha. Your dearly loved spouse may try to spice up the relationship in the afternoon and you will be more than willing to reciprocate, expects Ganesha.


You realise it's a good thing to share the secrets of your success. Whatever you give, says Ganesha, will come back to you multiplied by nine. Now that you seek to be open and accommodating, more respect will come your way.

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