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Saturday, April 25, 2015

You will need to enlist the cooperation of your colleagues while chalking out strategies at the workplace today, if you desire to make substantial progress, says Ganesha. The good news is that your efforts are likely to fructify. Some important decisions will be delayed if left unattended until the evening.


It's time for some family bonding! You realise that you've neglected your near and dear. Now, you need to do something substantial to win back your family's approval. However, your sincerity alone will melt their hearts. Holding your sweetheart's hand at dinner is a perfect way to end the day, says Ganesha.


Today, you'll open a mix bag of surprises, opportunities, challenges, and not-so good fall of events. You'll have a tendency of letting the noticeable details fall between the cracks at work. This is certainly not a good trait to have, however, it will not harm you much. As the day progresses, you'll encounter a delightful surprise, feels Ganesha.


You are likely to pull up your socks today shoulder the responsibilities that come your way. You may fall short of money due to some unexpected expenses. However, nothing can deter you from taking your sweetheart on a date. Have a lovely evening!


The Dons in the office may bypass your superiors and probably make you run around as an errand boy. You are likely to impress your superiors with your brilliance. Evening, though, will ring out the exhaustion of the morning. Ganesha advises you to delay bidding on sealed tenders for today.


Having an elderly hand to guide you and back you up is always a good thing. Today promises to be very advantageous to you when it comes to gaining from your seniors. It may have something to do with your exceptional skills in building rapport with people, or your ability to perform truthfully. Whatever it is, you are an instant and irresistible charmer and people have a high regard for you; a perfect time to go hit the social circuit and make full use of those skills, says Ganesha.


Look before you leap. Ganesha warns that there may be trouble brewing for you and it may catch you unawares. You will be very upbeat at work, and you realise that your high spirits benefit your colleagues too. You may reserve the evening for a quite time with your family, reminiscing the happy times spent together in the past.


Surviving an earthquake will seem easier compared to getting through this day without ruffling your feathers, says Ganesha. It is not your best day, and you shall have to work really hard to meet your targets today. Business-wise, do not expect to gather the dividends you have been expecting so far. On the personal front, it's a shaky tightrope that you are walking in terms of relationships. Just hang in there. There's nothing else you can do.


There is a sound prospect that you will work hard to improve the welfare of your children, portends Ganesha. In the afternoon, you may hear good news about their academic success. In the evening, meditation and prayer will take much of your time, hopes Ganesha.


The first half of the day should see you fresh and rosy with enthusiasm. You will be able to channel your energies in the right direction today. You will be able to pursue projects which really interest you. You will likely spend your lunch time in the company of friends and family. Overall, a productive and satisfying day awaits, says Ganesha.


Ganesha predicts that you will work extremely hard to meet your targets today. The dividends may not be what you anticipated, but do not let that bog you down. There will be no cause for anxiety or trouble today, says Ganesha. Partnership matters may end up in a cat and mouse chase.


Your creative juices are flowing today, says Ganesha, and you are raring to take on new challenges. Your workplace may offer some interesting benefits. Remember to relax, your body requires attention every now and then.

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