Shot in the dark: Married singer has fallen for someone else
Tuesday, June 02, 2015 08:00 IST
This good looking, talented singer is married to someone equally talented from the film industry. But then as they say, when has marriage stopped anybody from pursuing matters of the heart? We hear this lady has fallen for a man she briefly met at a party in another city recently.

Now this guy is not from the industry and is already committed to his girlfriend, but that didn't deter the singer from making her fondness for him obvious. A source says, `After having an initial conversation, he forgot about their meeting, but she could not. She made some quick calls to get his number and started messaging him.`

Soon, this person's girlfriend found out about the more-than-friendly text messages and confronted her boyfriend. `He claimed she kept making passes at him though he had made it clear that he was not interested,` the source adds.

Last we heard the girlfriend is fretting over the entire episode and is undecided about her future course of action. While the singer continues communicating with the man she obviously fancies very much, her husband is blissfully unaware of the happenings.

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