I'm a young guy & I've a love life: Upen patel
Friday, May 05, 2006 13:46 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> It's looks like celluloid stag parties are coming into their own. After Indra Kumar's Dhamaal which will have no heroines it's time for Abbas-Mustan to do a boys-will-be-boys adventure story. This one to be produced by Asthavinayak will start at year-end.

Says Upen Patel, "Sanjay Dutt and I will play the lead. There will be no girls. We're starting in December. Just us two guys. But no, it isn't Brokeback Mountain, " laughs Upen who's all keyed up about the release of his premiere film.

But there are plenty of girls in Upen's first release 36 Chinatown. "I don't have a particular co-star. But since I play a Casanova I got lots of girls including guest appearances by four big names. Audiences will be shocked to know who these ladies are."

Upen is excited and nervous. "I know all eyes are on me. I didn't think that would be so, not when I was working with some of the biggest names in show business like Kareena Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna and Shahid, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever....I thought people would be more interested in them.

I thought they'd come to see them and I'd hold my own somehow. I never expected such a huge hype. Himesh Reshammiya's song for me is rocking.

The expectations are scary, though I can't say I'm not enjoying them. They say models can't dance. But the promos prove I can dance. Let's hope I can act as well. I'm okay as an actor. I'll get better in my second film."

That's Suneel Darshan film. "That's right. Suneel has kindly taken me under his wings. He had promised me a film. And he has kept his promise. In June he launches a film with me and Bobby Deol.

But it isn't a friendship film. It will be a stylish slick film that will take Suneel away from the style he's known for. He's trying something new and I'm very excited to be part of."

"Then there's Vipul Shah. His film with Akshay Kumar, Katrina and me starts on July 15. I've the parallel lead. They're looking for a British co-star for me. And the great Himesh Reshamiyya is doing my tracks again."

Right now there has been a lot of rumour about Upen's colourful social life. "It's all smoke without fire...But yes, I'm a young guy. I've a love life.I admit for the first time I'm seeing someone. She's not really part of the industry as yet. Like my career my relationship is just blossoming."

The rumour that his voice has been dubbed, apparently by a dubbing artiste named Viraj Jadhav, has Upen baffled. "This is the first time I'm hearing this. I don't know who this guy is. My Hindi isn't superbly fluent. But my character in 36 Chinatown could get away with an accent.

I play a Bangkok-based Casanova, so the accent suited him. It adds a comic effect to the character. That's why my directors insisted that I dub my own lines, although I told them to go ahead and get my lines dubbed.

If you know my voice you'd recognize it in the film.I've dubbed by own lines in 36 Chinatown. Mukta Arts and my directors Abbas-Mustan will vouch for this."
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