Mika bit my lips twice: Rakhi (Pics)

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Mika bit my lips twice: Rakhi (Pics)
Monday, June 12, 2006 10:50 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Item girl Rakhi Sawant has filed a molestation case under sections 323 (assault) and 354 (molestation) against Punjabi pop singer Mika for forcibly kissing her at a function at a restaurent in Mumbai called "Someplace Else".

At the party, it was Rakhi who first gave a kiss as a birthday wish.. and later Mika gave her a kiss back.

But the entire fracas started around 2 am when Mika came and reportedly kissed Rakhi against her will when she was dancing with her friends.

Rakhi and Mika were seen enjoying the party and the "inappropriate" kiss at the dance floor surprised Rakhi Sawant.

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According to her, "Mika has kissed me forcibly, once before this. I was dancing on an awards nite in Punjab, and he came on stage and kissed me. At the time, I forgave him because he was a friend.

At yestrday's party, I was introducing Deepti Nagia, the director of my music video, to him, but he started smooching me. He smooched me twice.

Usne mera gala pakda aur bahut zor se kiss kiya. He bit my lower lip twice and broke my ear-ring. I don't know why he did this to me again. I am an Indian woman, I will not allow a liplock - a peck on the cheek is okay."

But Mika has entirely different version of the story. "Her boyfriend was angry because she had kissed me," he claims. Things went smoothly till a few moments later, Rakhi's friend came in and a brawl started. Mika's bodyguard was seen in video footage slapping Rakhi's friend who has blood on his face.

Oshiwara police have registered a case against Mika on the basis of Rakhi's complaint.

Shefali Jariwala, the Kaanta Laga girl, a fellow item girl had this to say, "Rakhi was enjoying herself at the party. I really don't know when the whole thing turned dramatic."

This is not the first time Rakhi has been subject to physical assault. Last year, during a performance in Dubai some people from the audience climbed up onto the stage and misbehaved with her after which she has been banned from performing there.

Rakhi was recently in the news when she justified the attire worn by item girls and their provocative gestures in a TV programme.

Last month, a case was registered against her in the Kolhapur police station for "indecent behaviour" and "destroying public peace".

She will be seen wearing a dress made of Re.1 coins in her brother Rakesh Sawant's film "Hot Money".

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