Bhoot Unkle
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 14:37 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
For 12 years old orphan Shyam, life had been nothing but a series of tragedies and hardships, until he unexpectedly stumbled upon a haunted place abandoned by the inhabitants of the town, he lived in.

The mystery, which he accidentally solved, gave way to his access to a magical power that changed his entire life and also that of his other little friends.

After getting into the frightening and mysterious secrets of the past, Shyam was given the impossible responsibility of saving the whole town from the clutches of a villain.

And so starts the fight of good against evil, in the world of magic, adventure and fun - in the world of 'Bhoot Unkle' (meaning ghost uncle).

This spooky film has lots of thrills and frills for all the children.

Jackie Shroff plays the mysterious ghost that little kids have to deal with.

His character and performance in this film is bound to be a hit with the youngest cinema going audience.
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