Vaani Kapoor on life, love, and her relationships
Tuesday, December 20, 2016 12:28 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Vaani Kapoor's last release Befikre is doing well at the ticket windows. People are appreciating her performance as well. The actress says 'she is in a happy place now'. While her Shyra is brazen, outspoken and ultra-modern when it comes to love, Vaani says she's 'old school'. On that note, we begin our chat where Vaani makes some candid confessions on love, her singleton status and her dream man. Over to her...

Befikre has worked well. But is the box office a parameter for you to sign a film?
Ideally, I want my films to work because I want the people who have invested their money to get back their investment and make profits too. I am personally so connected with my projects that when people tell me that the film is doing well and my performance has been appreciated, why would numbers matter? But I just feel that for me, I give it my all to a project. For me it becomes a protected thing. I do keep checking if everything is going well for my films. I don't understand the business that well but I hope that the numbers get better and I hope they make money!

Has Befikre affected your choices in life and love?
Playing Shyra has surprisingly made me stronger. There are times when you discover something new about yourself. Maybe because I was living and playing that character for so long, I have realised things and discovered things about myself which even I was unaware of. I am glad I got to live her. Because now, I can see things and deal with certain situations in a way that I never thought I could earlier. She's definitely strong headed and one thing which Shyra and I both have in common is - we are extremely self-respecting and dignified. Her choices might be different but I find her very cool - living life on her own terms. She's just being herself and I could play her only because I could relate to her life. I could understand her situations and give a justification to myself because I have seen people like her. I have spent a lot of time abroad because my sister lives there. So her friends are there and Dutch people or French people - they are very composed about things. They are calmer in handling various situations.

Befikre is a story that dealt with modern day relationships, casual hook-ups. But is that how you think about love as well?
No, I am very old school. Everybody has a different definition of old school today. But yes, I do feel that I would like to meet, know a person before taking it forward. I am not the casual hook-up types.

When was the first time you fell in love?
Yaar, the thing is that if it was love-love that had to last for a lifetime, I would be with that person even now. Unfortunately, I am not. I'm single right now and I'm hoping I am going to find somebody like that but I guess, the crazy heart-skips-wala-beat is yet to happen to me. I have had relationships but it just didn't work out for whatever XYZ reasons, which are extremely personal. I guess, it wasn't meant to be and I take it like that. Something that's truly meant to be will happen and it will come to me when it's supposed to.

What's the kind of guy you would like to date?
I want somebody who's very passionate about things in life. Loyalty is utmost priority and I expect him to be just crazy about me. So, I can be crazy about him too. Because I'm a giver so I also need a person who can give in a relationship otherwise I'm only the one giving while others are just receiving. (Smiles) Although I've met really wonderful people in my life so I can't really crib. But then again, it's just a connection. You either have it or you don't. So, I hope that there's a strong connection with somebody and I wouldn't want to let go of that.

You said your relationships didn't work and you lost some friends too. Which one hurt you more?
I have very few friends. They are so gina hua that I can literally count them on my fingertips. Others are acquaintances and people who I'm friendly with. So when I call someone a friend, I take it seriously because I like to spend a lot of time with these people or I care about them. Those are the people I call friends. But heartbreak is heartbreak. It happens when you are disappointed with someone who's valuable or special to you. Be it a friend, or in a relationship, I can't define who broke my heart more.

Do you have friends in the industry?
I am so new that I barely know anybody. I only know people from YRF. There are times when I ask my manager how people are really in the industry because I haven't really interacted much with people. People within YRF are really nice, even actors are! I love Anushka (Sharma) a lot because she's extremely genuine. Even when the trailer came out, she was one of those few people who texted me and congratulated me. Ranveer (Singh), Parineeti (Chopra) are very nice. It's not needed but they still make the effort. Surely, I don't have 3 am buddies who I would call up and say, 'Hey, let's hangout and all. I can't sleep.' Those are not the friends I have in this industry. But I do have good relations with people.
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