I've come to enjoy popularity with the ladies rather late in life: Arjun Kapoor
Thursday, April 20, 2017 12:07 IST
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Besides Shraddha Kapoor (Half Girlfriend co-star), who is your half girlfriend at the moment?

Half girlfriend is an emotional term. Frivolous would be 'Friends with benefits'; there is no emotional attachment there. In our film, Madhav (his character) and Ria's (Shraddha) relationship doesn't get a closure. But there is nothing frivolous there.

In college, there are relationships in which you're extremely close to the other person but sometimes it doesn't turn into anything solid because of circumstances. That beautiful, incomplete love is half girlfriend. I've had one such incomplete relationship. Right now, I don't have a half girlfriend in real life.

But do you admit that you are popular with the ladies?
I've come to enjoy this popularity with the ladies rather late in life. I should embrace it instead of over-analysing it. I was an overweight, insecure child who couldn't even dream of walking up to a girl and striking up a conversation. My profession has given me a sense of happiness. I'm relaxed and I'm able to connect with the opposite sex with far more ease than before.

Have you tried analysing why the ladies like you?
I come across as a very Indian guy. My structure and size give off that 'gabru jawan' vibe. No matter how independent or emancipated a woman is, she likes to have someone around who will hold her hand and say, 'Don't worry, I'm here to take care of you.' Aditya Chopra once told me, 'Arjun, you concentrate on your acting because you are not exactly the best-looking guy around.' He also told me that if I am good at my work, female adulation will follow.

Why were you popping up like Jack in the Box on the last season of Koffee with Karan?
Oh, that was fun. It should ideally have been called Koffee with Karan and Arjun. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted.

Who's your best friend, Varun Dhawan or Ranveer Singh?
Neither. My best friend is my stylist and school buddy, Kunal Rawal. Why do I need to choose between Varun and Ranveer? I am friendlier with Varun's older brother, (filmmaker) Rohit Dhawan. I care for Varun on an emotional level. Ranveer and I share a genuine camaraderie where we complete each other's sentences and share much more than our love for cinema. We are as different as chalk and cheese but we're one.

Who is chalk and who is cheese?
Ranveer is cheesier.

During 2 States, there was talk of a romance between Alia and you. This time around, Shraddha and you have kept it strictly professional.
A lot of Half Girlfriend was shot overseas. It is not the kind of film where we are constantly thrown in together, even for shooting. I give full credit to the media who refrained from even suggesting there was a romance between us. You know, two actors can co-exist as just good friends as well.

While you are known to be fonder of your younger uncle, Sanjay Kapoor, you've been bonding big-time with Anil Kapoor lately...
Sanjay chachu is a father-figure because I have grown up with him and I have looked up to Anil chachu all my life. Anil chachu and I recently wrapped up (Anees Bazmee's) Mubarakan in London. When you get to work with your hero, you enjoy it. He is so energetic and easy-going that our shoot was a breeze. We travelled together every day, poked fun at each other and had a whale of a time. He's always been protective of me but after working together, our relationship evolved into something very special. I cannot choose over two uncles. Actually, if I have to, I'd choose my dad. I am my father's son and he is the most special to me.

What went wrong in your equation with Sonakshi Sinha?
Some equations last. Others don't go beyond the making of a film (Arjun and Sona worked together in his 2015 home production, Tevar) because after it is over, people go their separate ways. I am still really fond of her as an individual. Unfortunately, it is always made to seem like we do not acknowledge each other at parties, which is not the case. We always make it a point to greet each other. There is no pressure on either of us to maintain an equation beyond a certain amount of time. I saw the Noor trailer. I think she is going through an exciting phase in her career.

And how about you, are you ambitious?
I am ambitious but I am not competitive. When you are competitive you lose perspective. I have set certain goals for myself. I like to keep my cards close to the chest.

Article Courtesy: Bombay Times
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