Jab Harry met Jagga Jasoos and paid him Rs 5000
Monday, June 19, 2017 12:20 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Shah Rukh Khan aka Harry from 'Jab Harry met Sejal' met Ranbir Kapoor aka Jagga Jasoos lastnight at director Imtiaz Ali's surprise party.

The meet called for Harry settling his long pending due of Rs. 5000/- with Jagga.

The makers of 'Jab Harry met Sejal' had earlier declared a reward of Rs. 5000 to the person who would suggest an apt title for the film.

While unveiling the film's title to the audience, Shah Rukh had earlier claimed that the title of his upcoming film 'Jab Harry met Sejal' wasn't the giving of Ranbir Kapoor.

However, Ranbir Kapoor declared at the song launch of 'Jagga Jasoos' that the title was indeed his suggestion to 'Jab Harry met Sejal' team and that he would visit Shah Rukh's residence to collect his due of Rs. 5000.

Imtiaz Ali's Birthday gathering served to be the perfect occasion that brought together both Shah Rukh and Ranbir under the same roof. The setting had both the actors settling the deal, with Shah Rukh aka Harry paying a sum of Rs. 5000 to Ranbir aka Jagga as promised.

Both the actors posed for a happy picture as they settled the deal.

Shah Rukh Khan aka Harry took to Twitter to share the happy news and wrote, "Jagga Jasoos we r quits now!!! Hisaab barabar. Give @karanjohar his share for the 'Jab' part in JHMS please".

The actors amicably decided to share the reward with film maker Karan Johar as the addition of 'Jab' was a contribution made by him.
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