VIP 2 Review: Just three words 'Flawed, Avoidable and Mundane'
Friday, August 18, 2017 12:53 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul

Director: Soundarya Rajinikanth

Ratings: *1/2

By Ankur Karan Singh

I don't want to sound cynical right at the beginning, but I guess getting a Deja Vu feel is not something that viewers expect when they buy a ticket for a new release. But unfortunately, at times they end up getting one. So this is what Kajol and Dhanush starrer VIP 2 is all about.

Although, Dhanush proved his impeccable acting potential with Raanjhana and Shamitabh and looked like next big thing of Bollywood, this time this Southy lad could not maintain the momentum. And fortunately or unfortunately, it has nothing to do with his performance, rather it's the flimsy, monotonous plot of VIP 2, which invites the debacle.

VIP 2 is mostly a rehash of the first part which looks no better than an old ale in a new bottle. To be a more precise plot of VIP 2 has a scarcity of all the must have condiments which make a good movie. Although climax may look like something unexpected, it's fine to see it landing in a different territory.

Taking off from where the original VIP left off, we see Raghuvaran (Dhanush) a humble engineer and the savior of many, getting head on with arrogant Vasundhara (Kajol). Both these characters of the movie are pole apart from each other on one hand its Raghuvaran who is down-to-earth and loved by masses, on the other hand, its Vasundhara who is snobbish, wealthy, arrogant owner of the biggest architect firm in the region.

'Vellai' (work) plus 'illai' (no) adds up to Jobless Raghuvaran, whose fight against Vasundhara is on the principles of fairness and justice and truth and saving the environment. The idea as a cine plot must have looked good on paper, but on screen, it appeared no better than a half baked cookie prepared without a thought.

As stated in the beginning, Dhanush, as usual, performs well in a tailor-made role. With some actions sequences having VIP trademark stamping on them this southern superstar up till some extent succeeds in emerging as VIP2's grace saver element. Just like any other cine cantata with VIP 2, we are expected to believe that Dhanush, the slender, lightweight Dhanush, can take on burly villains single-handedly, and send them flying ( Well ok I am believing it, after all, it's a cine chronicle and he is the hero wink..). A few scenes between Dhanush and Samuthirakani will definitely leave you grinning.

Kajol, who performed exceptionally in her big Tamil outing many years ago is all snarly and slit-eyed and power-suited here, snapping fingers at her underlings. Well, it won't be wrong to say that this sinewy actress has much more in her; she certainly doesn't need this.

Although I don't want to quote it with a female director at the being the anchor of this cine vessel it was surprising for me to see some surprisingly regressive lines, poking fun at wives and other women.

By the time climax arrives the plot starts getting a bit flawish and the tale starts flowing towards a different tangent, allowing the two leads to break out. And all of a sudden we find the two talking to each other. Anyhow, these flaws seem to be really petty when you have a flawed bigger picture.

To sum up, VIP 2 is just a rehashed version of VIP, which gives you a Deja Vu feel and at the same time compels you to go out of the auditorium and explore other good things available in the cineplex.
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