How To Train Your Camel
Thursday, October 05, 2017 15:49 IST
By Sumeet Vyas, Santa Banta News Network
A smartphone, a data strong network and one stupid man -Me! After conquering the daunting rain forests of Tamil Nadu, it was time to brave Terrain 2 - the breathtaking yet unforgiving desert in Rajasthan. I thought I was a pro at this now, but little did I know what was I was going to come face to face with in this leg of my journey with VOOT Original, Vodafone presents Stupid Man Smart Phone Powered by Motorola.

A traditional, colorful pagadi on my head and with funny man Sahil Khattar by my side, I set out to train my dragon - I mean, my CAMEL!

The task was simple - get the camel to the designated village for her marriage. Yes, you read that right - for the camel's marriage. Now that we were entrusted with the bride, we decided to name her Humpty (no prizes for guessing she was named after her lovely hump) and she made for a fun ride because we had no other transportation. Our halt for the night was in a deserted village (pun not intended) and our meal for two was a cactus, which we learnt was an edible vegetable through our fan bases on social media.

After what was a tough night, we thought the morning would get better but, no such luck. Humpty being the naughty bride she was ran away from her wedding.

To know whether we found her and what we had to go through while finding her, stay tuned my second adventure of Stupid Man Smart Phone, exclusively on VOOT.
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