Review: 'Bailaras' would fail to harvest an audience
Friday, October 06, 2017 18:37 IST
By Manjit Singh, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Binnu Dhillon, Prachi Tehlan, Dev Kharoud, Karamjit Anmol, Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Jaggi Dhuri

Director: Ksshitij Chaudhary

Rating: *1/2

Though we are almost at the end of 2017 and we have seen many beautiful Punjabi films but still there are lots of things which need to be improved. Some of the film-makers are still stuck in the 90s era of Punjabi Cinema. Director Ksshitij Chaudhary who has done some good comedy movies fails to impress with this flat storyline.

Bailaras is the story of a villager named Jagga (Binnu Dhillon) who owns a Belarus tractor and is famous for winning tochan (tug of war between tractors) competitions in and around his village. The tractor is his prized possession and his entire life revolves around it. The only problem in his life is the constant pressure on him by his family to get married but till date, he did not fall in love with any girl. Other tochan competitors are jealous of his Bailaras and want to defeat him in a tochan competition by any means possible. Jagga has two friends, who always stand beside him.

The film starts with the same tug of war competition. Where Karma (Dev Kharoud) has won the competition with his new tractor and he makes an announcement that whoever will defeat him, will take his new tractor. And here comes Jagga who very easily defeats Karma with his Bailaras. When Karma offers Jagga to take his tractor he refuses to take it.

Jagga is a very humble and modest person who always try to help others. One fine day he sees Sonali (Prachi Tehlan) and he instantly falls in love with her. But it's just a one-sided love. Sonali is an actress who came to Jagga's village just for the shooting and after finishing her shoot she returned back. But during her stay in the village, she became familiar with Jagga. After her departure from the village, Jagga shared his feelings with his two friends. They both started writing letters to Jagga and Jagga thought that it is Sonali who has written these letters.

In this sequence of events, Jagga's competitor got to know about this situation and he hatched a conspiracy to snatch Jagga's Bailaras. He eventually succeeds in it too; due to this misunderstandings arise and when Jagga confronts Sonali, Jagga gets to know the reality of his love letters and other certain things.

How Jagga wins back the respect of his family, his tractor and his love is really interesting to watch.

Bailaras is the first home production of Binnu Dhillon's Naughty Men Productions. It is written by Jass Grewal who has also written Faraar and Rabb Da Radio. Music is scored by Jatinder Shah, one thing which I really want to mention here that it's becoming a trend in the film industry to recreate the old classics in the movies, and this time also a classic Kuldeep Manak song has been used in the movie. Music of this movie will please the audience.

Binnu Dhillon has undoubtedly delivered a stellar performance. He has done it many times. His comic timing has won lots of accolades and this time he has impressed with his serious acting as well. Prachi Tehlan has also done a good job. Thogh there was not much for anyone else whether it's Dev Kharoud, Karamjit Anmol or anyone else.

Despite the good performances from the actors Bailaras failed to impress us because of its poor storyline. The shaky camera work in few scenes and poor editing also couldn't support the story. With a predictable climax Bailaras is avoidable.
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