Who's this perfectly curvaceous 36-26-36 actor?
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 17:13 IST
By JD Ghai, Santa Banta News Network
The favourite of all ages has worked to achieve no Indian woman has even attempted it before her. She's been the most searched celebrity by the Indians on the internet. She made her entry into India by appearing in Bigg Boss 5 on November 21, 2011. And ever since she's decided to stay back in the country of her origin.

Before coming to India. she was making good money in the profession which was considered almost a taboo for the Indian women. A real Punjabi - by height, complexion, features, figure and even gait, she made debut in Bollywood movies. Though she may not have been able to garner great numbers at the Box Office she got a fair share of success.

Then any movie of note has her item number. Now even a nincompoop would have got as to who is being talked about. It's not about who here about what of Sunny Leone; and why such a plot has been weaved around her.

Now a lot of her fans and audience must have seen her in an avatar where she bares herself indifferently without caring about it. Then we have also seen her in item numbers where she bares quite a bit. And then in her acting career, she dresses like any other Bollywood actor.

But what really stands out that she shows everything and then she shows nothing. She shared a picture yesterday where she is clad in clothes covering all her skin except for her hands and face. And still, she looks so elegant and her perfect covers would put any Bollywood actor to shame.

Here we get to admire her in a beautiful patchwork dress and she poses for the benefit of her audience in a style which oozes immense oomph to melt the heart of any man of note. The dress has been so craftily designed by Anjali Singh Shekhawat for Splitsville 10 appearance of Sunny or is that she has such beautiful figure that all the curves leave you craving for more. She looks voluptuous not only because of her gown but she has the fat at the right places. It would be a surprise if she is not 36-26-36.

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