Is Sanju Baba in trouble again or...
Friday, October 20, 2017 15:02 IST
By JD Ghai, Santa Banta News Network
Some celebs have either the habit or they're plain unlucky when it comes to inviting trouble. Sanjay Dutt doesn't seem to be foreign to it. He gets caught in unnecessary trouble at the drop of a hat.

Now Bollywood is quite famous for Celeb Diwali parties. If you're not invited to one, your stars of the zodiac kind are on the wane. So stars love to be part of these happening parties. They don their best and like their photos to be clicked. So the photos that go out are while entering or while leaving the party.

However, you need to be careful when you get them clicked. Now you'll realize why giving shots to photographers when you have had a shot too many is simply NO NO. So Baba got the below picture clicked after leaving the Aamir Khan's Diwali party and it's all over social media.

Now Baba looks stoned in it. And the message is going out that he is back to his old days. He has himself admitted that he was in rehab in the USA for his drug-related issues. That's his past and he admits that he was wrong and his dad helped him out, and he's happy he stopped doing drugs. And now he also loves his drinks. It doesn't imply that he is alcoholic.

Now, guys, we need to give him a break. He has downed a drink too many. It doesn't mean that he has a drinking problem. It's Diwali and he has every right to enjoy the homecoming and probably his Diwali after completing his sentence.

Now the only mistake he committed is that he gave journos an opportunity to take his picture after he got sozzled. It's Diwali and one should eat, drink and be merry!
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