Video and Story: What is this celeb showing?
Wednesday, October 25, 2017 12:32 IST
By JD Ghai, Santa Banta News Network
Bollywood celebrities are hooked on social media. Their craze for posting anything and everything does not seem to be waning. Whether they're on sets, airports, parties, launches, promoting their movies, are with families or even holidaying, they love to share it with their fans and contemporaries in the industry.

Nothing wrong with it also. In fact, they can deny falsehood spread by media, competitors, and adversaries. A popular quote endorses the importance of publicity. to quote Brendan Behan, "There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.

So far so good. So what's objectionable? A lot, I would say. A celebrity and for that everyone should get the post vetted from a friend, family member or a colleague. In haste, celebs post something which may do more harm than good. At times, it becomes difficult to distinguish between it. A post may look harmless to you but the way it is shot really confuses the audience.

Now one such post which deserves a mention is by Disha Patani. She is shown in this video with her puppy and her skin and the dog are of the same colour. It becomes onerous to distinguish between the skin show of Disha. On 2nd or 3rd replay, one is able to find out the difference. It really makes me wonder whether the confusion created by Disha is intentional. Let's judge or we refrain from being judgemental!

Cutie bella❤️🐶 my girl💪🏻

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