Review: Sardar Mohammad set to take Pollywood to greater heights
Friday, November 03, 2017 17:54 IST
By Manjit Singh, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Tarsem Jassar, Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Rana Jang Bahadur, Neeta Mohindra and Rahul Jungral

Director: Harry Bhatti

Ratings: ***1/2

Punjabi film industry has seen a dramatic rise in it's following, and the industry is touching new heights with each passing day. Many Punjabi movies are being produced and some of them are ruling audience's hearts. Every week when a new Punjabi film releases the expectations also increase that what could be next, what our filmmakers will serve and our new age filmmakers don't let us down. From comedies to some serious social issues they have all in their bag. One such movie is Sardaar Mohammad, which has been released today.

Based on true events, the story of this film is about Surjit Singh (Tarsem Jassar) and his quest for finding his roots. Surjit Singh always helps others. He is a God-fearing person who thinks all humans and religions are equal and there should be no discrimination.

The story takes us to the post-partition era where an infant is saved by an Indian Sikh police officer and the officer brings up the boy as his own and he shares a close bond with his parents, especially his mother. The boy enjoys a peaceful life until one day he finds the truth about his step parents. The discovery disturbs him and it makes him curious to find the whereabouts of his real parents and so he sets off to Pakistan, which marks the beginning of a series of odd encounters for him. Will he find his biological parents, forms the crux.

The story, screenplay, and dialogues are written by Tarsem Jassar who has etched all kinds of emotions with so much perfection that it'll be impossible for you to find any flaws. Not only the story but the star cast of the film also is very important for a film and the production team knows is very well. Sardar Sohi and Neeta Mohindra as the parents of Surjit are brilliant in their characters. Rahul Jungral played the character of Gullu, younger brother of Surjit Singh who with his comic timing has made the audience laugh. Though Karamjit Anmol has a brief role still he left an impression.

Where the first half of the movie is light-hearted the second half is full of emotions and at some points, these emotions are so strong that audience feels connected with the story. At some point when emotions get strong, the light-hearted comedy of various characters does the balancing act.

The music of the film is already a rage among youngsters. The soulful voice and meaningful lyrics of Tarsem Jassar and Kulbir Jhinjer are hard to miss.

Director Harry Bhatti has brilliantly captured all the emotions. Sardar Mohammad is jointly produced by Manpreet Johal & Vehli Janta Team. The film gives us a strong message of unity in diversity and teaches us to love all and also asks us to end discrimination.

Though it was a perfect piece of art the only thing which was not up to the mark for this film was the editing job. Some of the scenes really needed to be shortened and can be treated well, but overall it was a good emotional story which will surely touch your hearts and these flaws can be overlooked.
Sardar Mohammad
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