Watch: Sunny Leone takes boldness to the next level
Saturday, November 04, 2017 14:57 IST
By JD Ghai, Santa Banta News Network
We all know about the boldness of this femme fatale. She oozes sex appeal like no one has ever done in the film industry. Even her name is synonymous with glamour and seduction. The movies she has featured in are quite bold and she does not really shy away from the role offered in B grade films.

To her comfort, she found her feet in the industry in spite of her past association with sleaze. And she is pretty happy about it and that's the reason she has stayed back in Mumbai after she landed to appear in Season 7 of Bigg Boss in 2013. To top it off, even her hubby, Daniel Weber supports her unequivocally.

So far, we have been exposed to her antics and bare all ways on the internet. She is so far known more for her skin exposure. However, with changing times and her getting comfortable with the fraternity, we learn that she is no less in uttering what she practices.

A case in the example is a wedding she attended on November 02 and 03. She's all natural and in a joyous mood. She shared a video which endorses the fact that she doesn't mind voicing her thoughts and why not? We love her for her frankness and now we get to see a different angle to her.

Without holding it from you any longer, please enjoy her boldness and her views on what the bride would experience on her first night.

Haha night before the wedding!! Lol

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