Why Ash is still a Goddess of Venus!
Thursday, November 09, 2017 15:30 IST
By JD Ghai, Santa Banta News Network
We are enamoured by the looks of stars. We tend to forget that they get the looks due to their beauticians, dieticians, stylists and fitness trainers. We worship them like demi-Gods because of these amazing looks. In fact, Sonam Kapoor shared with her followers about how difficult it is for them to keep in shape and remain presentable.

Now the above is true for almost 90% of actors where they struggle to be fashion icons. Then there are those who are an exception to the above rule. And there is just one who is queen in the ants. She doesn't age. Her beauty seems eternal. Her conduct and persona aids in enhancing her beauty. Maybe her soul is so beautiful that her aura has a wider radius.

She doesn't need any makeup or stylish clothes to be seen, noticed and appreciated. No wonder her followers swear by her. She is a goddess of Venus and we all love her. Her charisma and charm simply make the mortals like us drool. Simply see the images to understand how she looks beautiful even her casuals without much make-up.

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