Unimaginative Filmmakers play havoc with English
Saturday, November 11, 2017 14:19 IST
By JD Ghai, Santa Banta News Network
There are a lot of movie makers in B-Town and most of them are nincompoops. They care a hoot when it comes to taking the advice of the professionals. Leave aside the movie, on the whole, they don't even consult their friends and family when it comes naming a movie. As a result, they mess up the movie and then blame the stars for their failure.

Fukrey Returns is one such movie which is being advertised heavily. Even its Social Media presence is pretty good. However, they ruined the title of the movie by using improper grammar. Its name should have been Fukrey Return and not Fukrey Returns, or it could have been Fukra Returns since Fukrey is a plural word.

It's probably they have just copied successful Bollywood movie titles like Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Golmaal Returns, Bhootnath Returns and Singham Returns without applying themselves. All the above titles contain singular nouns followed by an adjective which is 'Returns' unlike Fukrey which is plural. Now the logic that the movie makers can forward it that Fukrey is not an English word. In that case, what's the need to use an English word alongside and mess it for the grammatically correct audience? Let's hope they are able to replicate the success of these sequels otherwise they shall be themselves to blame.
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