I am very choosy when it comes to work: Shweta Gulati
Friday, November 24, 2017 13:50 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Talented and Beautiful actress will be soon seen in in Sony SAB's upcoming crime based comedy show 'Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double'. She will portraying the role of Dolly Nadkarni who is a cafe owner. She loves reading suspense novels and tries to apply her acquired Detective Knowledge in all Aditya & Manav's cases. She plays Manav's love interest in the show. In conversation with Dolly Nadkarni.

After a long time you are coming back on television, so how does it feel?
I don't know why people calls it as a comeback. I just choose not to do anything on television because I wanted to have time for myself. I am very choosy when it comes to work. When I got this offer, I was very excited to work with the production house, as I have worked with them before. One of the reasons to pick up the show was it's a hilarious and fun show. Another reason is, I have done many shows for Sony SAB l in the past and I love working with them. Sony SAB is like a huge happy family.

What is the connection of you with comedy, that you are seen more in comedy shows?
It is not that I choose comedy but the fact is comedy chooses me. I would love to do drama, I would love to have tears in my eyes. But somehow the shows which come to me and I end up liking is comedy. I pick what I feel is the best for me.

You have been doing theatres, television so which is more comfortable to you as an actor?
I don't think an actor look for comfort, they look for challenges. I look for challenge. Theatre is definitely any day more challenging than television because in theater you don't get another chance to prove yourself. You don't get another episode to prove you. Television is my love because I began my career with television. I can't deny my love for TV. So I am comfortable with both the mediums.

Tell us more about your character in the show?
I will start between the similarity about my character Dolly and me. Dolly loves thriller, horror and she loves solving mysteries. She thinks that she has the attitude for it but she doesn't or maybe she does also. As we progress in the show we will figure out if she really has the passion or no. My theatre genre is thriller and horror, so that is the similarity between Dolly and Shweta. The biggest difference is Dolly zones out. When she gets into the thriller mode than she is tripping on that mode. Dolly is a coffeshop owner who hates coffee or she doesn't even drink coffee. She is always wondering about why people even drink coffee and is always amused that people are drinking coffee and giving her money in return. In her own thriller attitude she tries to crack the cases for the boys- Manav and Aditya. Dolly is a very sweet, fun loving girl next door who probably aspires to become a detective but she is trapped in the coffee shop.

The show is about Partners and crime, so who is your partner in crime in real life?
My dogs are my partners in crime in real life. I just love them and the reason I am working today is to give them a better life. I just love them immensely.

The show has many big actors, comedians in the show like Johnny sir, so how do you feel about the same? Are you nervous or very excited?
I just feel so honored to work with Johnny sir. As we have grown up watching his comedy. He is a living legend of comedy. Till now I haven't shot any episode with him as he is the commissioner but I am sure in the future we will get a chance to shoot with him so I very much excited for the moment. Yes I am very nervous as well to share the screen with such a veteran actor.

Tune in to Partners - Double Ho Hayi Trouble premiering from November 28th, Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm only Sony SAB!
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