Guess who will be out this weekend from Bigg Boss House?
Sunday, November 26, 2017 10:28 IST
By Manjit Singh, Santa Banta News Network
As the weeks are passing by intensity and competition in the house in increasing day by day. The ever-growing fights among the housemates and their zeal to win the show are enough to garner TRPs for the show.

This week we saw some courtroom drama in the house, as Bigg Boss allocated the luxury budget task to the housemates where housemates were divided into two families Arshi Khan's family and Hiten Tejwani's family. Arshi and Hiten were asked to act as a married couple who headed for a divorce. Sapna and Bandagi played the judges while the other contestants were the family members. Puneesh and Vikas were Arshi's brothers and Vikas was also played her lawyer's role. Shilpa played Arshi's mother. Luv, Akash and Priyank were Hiten's brothers and Hina was his sister. Hina also played Hiten's lawyer. The luxury budget task became ugly when housemates made personal allegations against each other and the task was ended without any result.

After the luxury budget, it was captaincy task's turn. Captaincy task saw, even more, drama when Akash got out of captaincy race he loses his control and went berserk. He blamed Puneesh and Shilpa for it and isolated himself from other housemates. In the meanwhile, Hiten became the new captain of the house.

Now it comes to 'Weekend Ka Vaar' where Salman tries to pacify things in the house but will he succeed, only time will tell.

Now if you are curious to know about the evicted housemate then we have some news for you. There were 4 nominated contestants this week, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary and according to our sources, Sapna Chaudhary has been evicted from the house.

Earlier there were speculations about Hina Khan that she will be evicted and will be sent to a secret room but it didn't happen and Sapna Chaudhary got evicted from the house as she didn't get many votes.
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