Review: 'Firangi' - Humourless Wonder from Kapil Sharma
Friday, December 01, 2017 15:43 IST
By JD Ghai, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill, Edward Sonnenblick, Kumud Mishra, Rajesh Sharma and Inaamulhaq

Director: Rajiev Dhingra

Rating: *1/2

Kapil Sharma made his foray to Television and made big sheerly on the basis of his timing in delivering humourous punches. Success and money made him quite ambitious; his foray into Bollywood as a hero was an obvious first choice. Abbas-Mastan directed him in his co-production with Jains of Venus. This movie 'Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon' fell flat on Box Office.

As a result of Kapil's failure in his debut movie, he became untouchable for the producers. But Kapil Sharma kept on minting money on Television. So 'Firangi' was made by him to satiate his ambition to succeed in Bollywood. Let's see how far he has been successful with this movie.

The stage is set to British Raj in India where the local rulers in connivance with the British officers are ruling the roost. The Satyagraha movement of nonviolent resistance conceived by Mahatma Gandhi is being followed vehemently by the Indians. Manga alias Mangat Ram (Kapil Sharma) lives in village Behrampoora. As per old belief, a breech baby is blessed to cure acute back pain by hitting the patient's back by hitting with his knee. And Manga is quite popular for delivering the healing punch.

Manga falls in love with Sargi (Ishita Dutta) while he visits Nakukuda to attend a wedding. His overtures are duly attended to by the heroine. Unfortunately, Sargi's grandfather, Lalaji (Aanjjan Srivastav) is heading this Satyagraha movement of Gandhi Ji in his area. He is simply against anything to do with British or Britishers. And earlier while promoting this movement in Manga's village, he witnesses Manga being picked up by the police. Though it turns out later that Manga is required by the local British Officer, Mark Daniels (Edward Sonnenblick) to address his acute back pain. When Manga treats him successfully, Daniels' British physician suggests that he may be kept on rolls to address his chronic pain. Thus Manga is hired as an Orderly (a soldier who carries orders or performs minor tasks for an officer).

So armed with a job, Manga's family approach Sargi's family through Manga's best friend, Heera (Inaamulahaq) for a marital proposal. Though Sargi's father (Rajesh Sharma) is keen on the match, Lalaji is averse to the proposal due to Manga's job with the Britishers.

In another plot, Daniels is keen to set up a distillery in the kingdom of Rasoolpura in partnership with the king, Maharaja Indravir Singh (Kumud Mishra). Even the Maharaja is pretty keen on the proposal but wants a 60:40 share in this business venture and Daniels insists on a 50:50 share. The land finalised to built this unit is Manga's village, Behrampoora. For this purpose, the village land has to be acquired and demolished to build the factory, which is opposed tooth and nail by the villagers. Daniels is against any forcible acquisition to avoid any unnecessary tangle. In the meantime, the king's daughter, Shayamli (Monica Gill) returns to the kingdom after finishing her education from Oxford. And Daniels is besotted with her.

Daniels wants to marry Shayamli and the greedy king agrees to give her daughter away for a share of 60:40 in the distillery. On the other hand, Manga is desperately trying to impress Lalaji and the residents of Nakukuda. This opportunity comes to him on a platter since he is in the good books of Daniels. Though the king in partnership with Daniels tricks Manga and the villagers by inviting them to his Jalsa Ghar and drugging them with sedatives. The unconscious villagers' thumb impression is taken on the sale deed. And the blame for all this plot is put on Manga.

The hapless Manga is clueless as Sargi also crosses sword with him for betraying his family and the simple villagers. Now Manga cooks a plan to get the land papers from the Maharaja and Shayamli agrees to become his partner in this crime to square up with the Maharaja since she hates Daniels and doesn't want to marry him. What follows is comic situations but not fitting the stature of Kapil Sharma's success with his shows.

The climax is quite interesting and different which gives a high to the audience. The movie otherwise is very-very slow. It never picks up the speed and even the chase sequence at the end is appalling. The casting of the movie though is very good except for the hero and for which the casting director, obviously would have little say.

The storyline is OK and not something befitting the stature of Kapil Sharma. The script was ordinary and the dialogues were good in patches. There's hardly any humour which is really quintessential for a movie featuring an anchor of a successful comedy show. Maryam Zakaria was good as a nautch girl in a Mujra "Gadar Badan Mein Gulbadan".

There were no extraordinary performances as the director, Rajiv Dhingra of 'Angrez' fame failed to extract any from the star cast. The music is nothing to write home about. The only other standout was the sets which were very convincing and even the locations were pretty good. Ishita Dutta and Kumud Mishra were convincing in their performances and a little more effort by Rajiv could have further enhanced the stature of these stars.

This movie should surely go down as another big blunder by Kapil Sharma and aspiring actors and producers would certainly learn a lesson or two and save their money from going up in smoke. Firangi is certainly an avoidable movie and the audience must watch it if they need to catch up on some sleep.
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