My next film is Sex Haazir Ho!
Tuesday, October 31, 2006 11:45 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Ram Gopal Verma has done it again. Now with Pritish Nandy Communications as his financers the maverick director has decided to make a film called 'Sex Haazir Ho' - his takwe on on censorship and pornography.

It is said to be a court room drama with accusations against Sex. The cast of the film has yet not been decided but it aims at destroying sexual hypocrisy.

According to Pritish Nandy there might just be a few explicit scenes in the movie if the script demands. He also says that the movie is going to be a very hard hitting movie.

However, Ramu insists that the film is not only about sex. "I am not making a sex film. I agree that sex sells. But I'm extremely reluctant to enter bedrooms in my films.

In fact, Sex Haazir Ho! enters the courtroom, and not the bedroom. It's is about a fight for sexual freedom, where the enemy is not outside but within all of us who practise sexual hypocrisy.

He adds: "While exploring sexual mores, Sex Haazir Ho! will also look at headlines. The case that occupies centre-stage in my drama will be shown to stun the nation. That includes everyone from puritans to politicians, from women libbers, moral crusaders to the common man. So in terms of canvas this is one of my biggest films."
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