Get ready for more high voltage music by Dr. Zeus and Zora!
Thursday, December 21, 2017 13:14 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
A few days back when Dr. Zeus released a new song 'Woofer' everyone was left awestruck and the song is still playing in the loop and topping the chart. We got a chance to chat exclusively with music maestro Dr. Zeus and his prodigy Zora Randhawa. Please read what we discussed.

Zora Randhawa
What do you have to say about Dr. Zeus and your bonding with him?
Dr. Zeus is like a big brother to me although in the studio we share a teacher-student relationship since there he is more like a strict taskmaster. I respect him like a mentor and I know whatever he is doing is to bring out the best in him!

Apart from Snoop Dogg any other international artists you want to collaborate with?
Oh! There are few like 50 Cent, Sean Paul, Pitbull whom I would like to collaborate with...

What do you think about Nargis and her singing Talent?
It was good working with Nargis. We had a good time in LA while recording her, she did a good job, she didn't take that long, and she sounds really good and was in tune.

Your favorite artist in Bollywood whom you want to playback?
I would like to sing for Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt to act on any of my songs.

Any Plans for Bollywood?
Yes, Bollywood tracks coming soon.

Tell us about your new song 'Woofer' and your album 'Global Injection'?
The song 'Woofer' has been inspired by a 'Base Speaker' and since I'm known for my power packed base beats and high Clarity, I thought Woofer will be a great song to work on since my audiences can relate me quite well with the theme. A close friend of mine Jaggi Jagwal had written this song and he happened to sing it to me in his voice, but it struck me and I loved it instantly since it had a very catchy lyrics ' Wajda Woofer Gaddi 'Ch' then and there I told him that I want it for my album. Global Injection is just like injecting new age music to the world in my style, as I am a doctor of music I believe!

What took you so long to release a full album?
I never thought of doing another album, as I got so busy working with so many other artists on movie tracks, on the artist from Punjab and doing songs for other people.

How does it feel to work with Snoop Dogg?
I always believe in the thought... that one must believe in oneself, but after meeting him I have started believing more in myself and my capabilities. I think Snoop is very down to earth for who he is and a level-headed person for the achievements of the films and music he has made, there is so much to learn from him.

How has been your collaboration with Zora?
Zora is like a brother to me and I do music with him effortlessly and naturally. I feel he is a great talent and I love the fact that he is trying to believe in himself now because when I met him first, he was a bit hesitant and it took a lot from me to give him a push. He has paved his way slowly and now I believe the lady luck is by his side. I wish him to reach great heights, which he has achieved with all his perseverance and hard-work.
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