Unmarried Actresses Who Underwent Abortions; and one of them had 12
Thursday, May 17, 2018 12:17 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Aborting her own child is a woman's biggest pain in this world and when you're from the glamour industry, you have to be very careful since every eye is on you. Sometimes, situations like these are so depressing and bad that an individual is not been able to recover from it mentally and takes some extreme steps. Here is a list of few actresses who had to abort their child for some or the other reason. Have a look.

Jiah Khan

The suicide case of Jiyah Khan was one of the most unfortunate cases of the Bollywood industry. She committed suicide by hanging herself in her flat with a fan. After her suicide, her mother found a long 6-page suicide note in which she clearly revealed that she was very hurt that she had to abort her own child. According to the rumours, she was dating Bollywood Actor, Suraj Pancholi at that time.

Pratyusha Banerjee

Pratyusha Banerjee was one of the very known TV Actress who also participated in Big Boss as well. This actresses also committed suicide and with this, the entire entertainment industry was shocked. According to the news, she had an abortion just a few days before committing suicide. Also, she was dating Rahul Raj Singh at the point of time and rumours say that things were not going between both of them at the time.

Marilyn Monroe

A Photographer Milton Greene, who was also a photographer of Marilyn, wrote in his book that Marilyn Monroe had somewhat around 12 abortions in total, before and after marriage, that too till the age of 29.

Veena Malik

Most of us know about Veena Malik from Big Boss season 5, where she was seen entertaining everyone with her versatile character. This actresses also had an abortion before her marriage and at that period of time, she was dating a person named Prashant.

It is very unfortunate that how lightly we are taking our relationships and love has just become a normal word like others and not a feeling which is also the most powerful one. Aborting a child is a very serious crime and for a woman, it's the biggest pain ever. A man should always stand by his woman and support her in all ups and downs.
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