'I can't hug other girls' boyfriends'
Thursday, November 30, 2006 13:22 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> Recently Bipasha hotted up the ramp with her not-so-secret other. "Walking the ramp with John was a normal experience. We do it all the time. And this was for a dear friend Rock S. Both John and I can never say no to Rocky. Otherwise walking the ramp is nothing exciting"

Bipasha then gets serious. "I think people should just stop speculating about my relationship with John. They said I was looking bored on the ramp and trying hard cover it up. Arrey! If I'm not seen with John it's a problem. If I'm seen with John it's a problem."

She sighs, "The kind of messages we got from friends and fans saying how good we looked together, was just so heartwarming. I guess John and I being together just doesn't make an exciting story. Now it's more exciting to say we're splitting. But let me tell you John and I aren't the kind of people to put up a front.

We didn't walk the ramp together to prove to people that we're together. We've enough confidence in our relationship and we don't need endorsement from the outside. Ooof, it's ridiculous! If our split makes news then there's nothing much we can do about that."

Reacting to stories about how she's 'clinging' to John, Bipasha retorts, "John is my boyfriend. Who else will I cling to? Certainly not to some other girls' boyfriends? John's are the arms I'm supposed to hold and mine are the arms he's supposed to hold on to.

I wouldn't exchange those arms for anyone else's ....Such headlines do irk me. I don't understand what John and I can achieve by walking together if we aren't together? More work? More individual popularity? No! What's the point.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't pretend about anything in life. If the relationship ended I'd never go on pretending it was on. Both John and I are too honest and too popular individually to use this relationship for more popularity. Neither of us needs to cling to each other."
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