Abhishek Kapoor and Pragya Kapoor attend Neha Dhupia'sAbhishek Kapoor and Pragya Kapoor attend Neha Dhupia's baby shower! baby shower!
Tuesday, October 02, 2018 10:59 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Director Abhishek Kapoor and Pragya Kapoor have recently attended Neha Dhupia's baby shower recently.

Interestingly its Abhishek Kapoor's and Pragya Kapoor's first public appearance after the birth of their second child Shamsher.

The couple extended their warm wishes to Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi.

Pragya Kapoor and husband Abhishek Kapoor have recently welcomed their second child Shamsher and had even gone for a baby moon in Bali.

Abhishek Kapoor had even shared an emotional post after the birth of his second son, he had tweeted writing,"I started my career as an actor and did a number of movies as a leading man.. many of them didnt even see the light of day and the ones that did, failed miserably. Then i wrote a story called Aryan and made a shift to direction. That movie didnt succeed either.. i went back to work and made another movie which many thought would barely make a mark...On the 28 th of August 2008, exactly 10 yrs ago, that movie, #rockon !! premiered and went on to succeed like no other that year and won 2 national awards.. i had finally got my head out of the water and could breathe.. Today, exactly 10 yrs later to mark a #decade , my wife and I have been blessed with a baby boy. His mother is the strongest and most secure person i know. She came into my life cause a higher power willed it so and no one could have given me a better gift to mark this momentous day..The ease with which our son has entered this world carried the same confidence his mother has.. like a lion.. infact he is a 1st amongst lions. His mother and i have decided to call him.. #Shamsher #jaibholenath 🙏🙏.`

Pragya Kapoor and Abhishek Kapoor have been swamped up with the ongoing work of her forthcoming release Kedarnath.

Pragya Kapoor also is the producer of her and Abhishek Kapoor's production house titled Guy In The Sky.
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