LGBT’s: Right to live with Dignity
Thursday, December 13, 2018 14:12 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
The LGBTQ community is a loosely defined grouping of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender's or in other words as a group of people who are psychologically or physiologically different from the mainstream society. It has been years since people of these communities are fighting for their rights in the mainstream society.It's an easy way out to segregate people and form a separate community for them but it is difficult to give these people social acceptance and right to live with dignity and honor which depicts the way our society thinks. Their struggle for job to earn livelihood is made so difficult for people of LGBTQ community that they are forced to do odd jobs like begging at traffic signals, prostitution or dancing on occasion like marriages and birth of a child.

It is often treated as an unacceptable behavior or non-curable disease if a lesbian or a gay would put up their decision to choose the person belonging to the same gender as their love partner, discarded by society and disowned by parents majority of youngsters belonging to this community had no option but to end their lives, which added in making India factually the number one country for youngsters committing suicide, as pointed out by the Youth ambassador of Rajasthan Government, Mr. Paresh Gupta, who was present at the event as a Guest of Honour.

Working towards the uplifting of the community, Redo Times Pvt Limited, the first fashion discovery portal that incorporates the third gender and provides them a complete package for fashion styling and media organized Feronia Fashion Night at Radisson Blu, Jaipur.GauriSawant was invited as Chief Guest, who not only vouched for LGBT rights but also encouraged other people of the same community to earn their right to live and love whomsoever they want to.Gauri founded the Sakshi Char Chowhi Trust in 2000 an NGO which promotes safe sex and provides counseling to transgender people.

Splendid collections were showcased by four globally renowned designers: Mr Amar Mithapalli, MrAnuragManju Gupta, Mr Padma Raj Keshri from India and MrHoshigoru William from Indonesia.

Designer and educator Mr. Amar Mithapalli is known for his fashion critiquing in the fashion circles of Mumbai and Pune. His collection Vilay comprised of Indigo sarees with a twist of Aari. An Intricate essence of design, male models wore saree with Nude makeup to complete the look and depicted androgynous fashion which aims to avoid gender stereotyping.

A designer and a Lakme Fashion week regular AnuragManju Gupta from New Delhi, owns the Label Anurag Gupta. The identity of his label is to make every detail functional, with unique embroidery. He represented his power of clothing through transformative quality in women's wear.

A young Lakme Gen Next designer Padma Raj Keshri from Ahmedabad is well known in the textile industry for bringing contemporary designs, exploring new craft clusters, working with artisans on field and bringing the new ideas from its origin.

Indonesian Designer Hoshigoru William also presented his mesmerizing collection at the event. His Resort wear collection Metamorphosis Bali was inspired from magical effect of strip lines that create water/white shadow effect by creating movement in the eyes of the viewer.

The event was a great success and it surely depicted a change in the young folks of the country that 'Your gender and community doesn't matter what matters is how pure is your soul, we all are God's creation and have the right to live with dignity and equality.
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