Some secrets spilled out by Karan Johar on the closing episode of No Filter Neha – Season 3
Saturday, December 29, 2018 15:08 IST
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Karan Johar is going through Fashion Terrorism, read more to know why!

You know Neha, a lot of thought, energy, money goes into strategizing for what you are going to wear and even if you are 46 and you are going through mid-life crisis, it what makes you happy. I'm going through mid-life crisis and its fine and if fact I'm going through mid-life isis. It's like fashion terrorism

Karan's clarification to his iconic "10 suitcases airport image"

So I've to tell you the schedule was such that I was going to London was 3 days which was like oscillating between pre-fall, so I was confused between like winter wear I supposed to fall wear supposed to end of summer wear. So it was a bit of trauma. Then I was going to this engagement for Isha and Anand and it was again, going to hotter warmer climate because it was going to Lake Como, which was warmer than London was, so then there were was, of course, black tie looks etc. and there were shoes which are always heavy and there are jacket options. You must have 3 options for every look because you never know what going to like work on that particular moment. So that, therefore, was the second one. Then I was going to Paris for Fashion Week, so I was going to Gucci show at Paris Fashion Week and then there were looks designed for that, so you must understand that you well it's very easy for you guys to just blame me for those 10 suitcases. And apart from that, there are causal day to day wear, there are undergarments, I can carry a lot of underwear. Because I don't have time to send them always to the laundry, so I just wear fresh. And I like to change 3 underwears a day because the problem is that I don't like to be in one underwear all the time because it just makes me feel like my inners are suffering and I need to like always reinvent my inners. So there are a lot of underwears, there a lot of socks, a lot of shoes. And that's why there was so much required and that's why those 10 suitcases. So please don't make any kind of judgment on them, because you must understand and its better than emotional baggage, you actually carry baggage

Karan Johar's Bharatnatyam-lunges in the gym

It's when I do these lunges, so I do a psyche of ballerina kind of a pose like my hand goes out, so I do Bharatnatyam/ballerina pose between each lunge its part of the exercise routine. I just do it, to make myself look graceful while doing the lunge because you know how crazy you can look while looking a lunge. When I do it, I look like a mess, to give some grace I mix it with classical dance. It's like a class-lunge, like a classical lunge

Karan Johar hates the gym

I hate the gym it's just torture, first, you have to go there and then he does makes you do 5 mins of walking, then he starts killing you in between, then there is something called as functional training then intermediate fasting then keto dieting. And I'm like I'm so done, at this age why do I've to do this? Why can't I just eat meetha and be happy? Why can't I just eat, but then I look at those clothes and I'll like I'll never wear you if I don't wear out in the gym

KJo's 7 lakhs indulgence on wine and salad in London

I've went and given my card in the restaurant and the friend of Arvind's who was with us, who I don't know at all ordered some wine and we ordered another bottle. I had one glass that's it, I hardly ate also because I had eaten and come and suddenly the bill came to me because I ate and suddenly they were like why did you do this. And I was like I really wanted to take you guys out, I had given the card in advance and it's all done and it's all good. And I opened the bill and actually that time and actually now I wear my chasma very rarely because I have enough of a good vision toh now it's depleting a little bit but anyways that time I had a clear vision, I've read 4500 aisa kuch tha. And I was like nahi nahi yaar yeh toh ek aur 0 dal diya unhone galti se toh meine phir I called the Maitri d'hotel and I said is this our bill right? He said yes and smiled, I said oh and I signed and gave him. And I think Arvind caught my expression and because of course I went little pale because imagine you are paying like a 10,000 dollar bill where you are expecting it to be 500 dollars, because we ate nothing, it was 2 salads, one dish and this wine, so the major cost was for the wine. And Arvind saw the bill, he froke out and he called Kajal as in Putlu who we know, he said Karan has paid 4500 dollars and I'm like it's okay its done, its fine it's over and one. It was absolutely fine, but it was historical that my face became safed (white) I was like yeh lal wine ne mujhe safed kardiya. So I've paid at that time if you are saying by today's conversion its 10,000, I paid 7 lakhs for one salad and one glass of wine.

Like mere mortals, when KJo didn't have money to pay the restaurant bill! We had all seen Lust Stories and we came back and again I didn't have my card and I was looking all over my bag, because I had forgotten my card, everyone was like what are you looking for, I said I was looking for my house keys actually I was looking for my card, because I had no money. And then I walked thinking Taj is apne ghar ka, apna property hai yaar and Taj Lands End is like ghar ki baat. You know so I went to the guy who is clearly new and looked at me like Who are you? And I said listen I don't have my card but just I'll clear it tomorrow morning, he said no sir that won't be possible. And I was like hain? And then I was like oh god I've no money very embarrassed and I don't know what to do. And I was like very embarrassed and I told you I have this thing in my head that my father has taught me, then I told Shashank , chalo Shashank toh apne ghar ka hain , Dharma Productions ka hain , toh I said tu pay karle toh at least it looks like hamare taraf se aaya hain , his card didn't work and then Angad your very gracious husband has decided to take the tab. But it was very torturous for me, those 20 mins were torture for me because I don't know what it feels like to not have money in my bag and not pay for a meal or just able to offer at least and I had nothing but my house keys and 2 bitter chocolates

If Karan Johar is throwing a MET Gala, guess what he wants the theme to be and 3 fashionistas he will definitely inviting!

If I have the MET Gala in India, I would go completely Indian with it. The idea is to platform out beautiful garments, our culture, and our beautiful embroidery and our beautiful fabric. I will go Royal Indian that would be my theme, The Royal rich Indian. Fashionistas that I would have - Amitabh Bachchan to start with I think predominantly the face of fearless and fabulous fashion I think he is amazing, he can pull off any garments with panache with style with absolutely and amazing grace. Then definitely you cannot have a fashion segment without involving Sonam Kapoor because she pretty much started the entire ball rolling and I would have her and she would look beautiful in this Indian look, royal wear and of course I would finish off my trilogy of fashionistas with Ranveer Singh who is out there, who is completely fashion-forward, fashion progressive, who is walks the fine line between androgynous and hyper-masculine and I think he can do both with equal ease and equal panache. So I think these would be my 3 must haves on the Red Carpet for my MET Ball.

Guess which Indian, Karan Johar think is going to win an Oscar?

Nawazuddin Siddique

Did you know, Karan Johar cried after watching some glimpses of Alia Bhatt's performance in Kalank?

I saw something that Alia had done in Kalank and I was just so moved by the work she had done. I won't disclose what it is, she has done something in that the film and she has worked very hearts towards it and it just, when you know when you see Alia I get that feeling always like I'm seeing my daughter perform and because I have that emotion for her and I just started crying in the end for some weird reason I'm going through something internally which I'm not aware of and I just got very teary. And I rang her up and said her I got very emotional, well done!
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