'Ravi Kissen backstabbed me'
Monday, January 08, 2007 11:03 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/>Model-turned-actor Aryan Vaid got out of Bigg Boss. Was he happy, relieved or confused?

"A bit of all that...Because while the place was infested with more internal politics than all of Bihar and UP, I did find true love in that strange house in the middle of nowhere."

Aryan is a bit offended by widespread suggestions that the Anupama-Aryan romance was a publicity stunt for the camera. "In all these years in the entertainment business I've been around with a lot of women. I've been with other women, had relationships.

But nothing like this. In fact I fell in love with Anupama ten years ago and wanted to marry her. But our relationship didn't culminate as I wanted it to. Now in that house with her I re-discovered what a beautiful person she is. I fell in love with her all over again. Anupama is one of those rare people with a beautiful soul.

It's that rare quality of hers which kept me going in that crazy atmosphere where two of the girls, Carol Gracias and Rupali Ganguly were constantly massaging Ravi Kissan's legs and head.

Even I massaged Anupama because she has a back problem, but only to the knees because I was welll aware that the tv cameras were constantly watching. The guys all pretended to be friends with me. But except Deepak Tijori they all voted me out of the house. Can you imagine!"

Aryan is particularly pissed off by Ravi Kissan's betrayal. "I thought he was a friend. I though he wished my relationship with Anupama the very best.

In fact as late as on Thursday afternoon when I was brushing my hair Ravi came up to me said he wished me and Anupama could get engaged inside the house under the supervision of Bigg Boss.

He kept saying how grateful he was that I pushed him into work-outs and in losing 5 kgs inside the house. And then he voted me out!"

Aryan feels this could be Ravi's revenge on him regarding a woman that came between them a few years ago. "Everyone knows Ravi was dating his co-star from Bhojpuri films. I had no clue about it when she decided to have a relationship with me.

In fact she got so close to me that we had a puja in my house to fob off all the evil influences that came in our way. Ravi tried to instigate her against me by saying he had seen me picking up white girls from a club in Dubai. He forgot to mention he also tried to do the same. I succeeded, he failed."

Today Aryan has left behind his footloose and fancy-free days forever. "I've never been more serious about any woman. I've proposed marriage to Anupama at least twenty times inside that house. Now it's entirely up to her."

Aryan hoped to see Anupama evicted from the house at the earliest."My weeks inside that house has changed my attitude to life. Now I feel a mixture of so many emotions. Now I value what I have. I've a lot more appreciation for my friends and family."
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