The Zoya Factor Review: An average romantic comedy!
Friday, September 20, 2019 16:32 IST
By Vikas Tiwari, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Dulquer Salmaan, Sanjay Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Sikander Kher

Director: Abhishek Sharma

Rating: **1/2

The Zoya Factor is the story of Zoya Solanki, who was born on the day that India under the captainship of Kapil Dev, won its first cricket World Cup, i.e 25th June 1983. Her father (Sanjay Kapoor) credits a newborn Zoya for the win and believes her to be a lucky charm for the sport of cricket. This also proves to be true when it comes to winning gully and local cricket matches, though Zoya hates cricket.

Zoya grows to be a copywriter in an advertising agency and one day gets a chance to work on an ad shoot for the upcoming cricket world cup with the Indian cricket team, where she meets the captain of the team, Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan) whom she already has a crush on and is fascinated by Nikhil.

While having breakfast with the team, she babbles her lucky charm story to them and the team miraculously wins their next world cup match and the boys in blue start believing in Zoya's lucky charm story. But the captain Nikhil is skeptical about her who only believes in hard work and self-belief rather than depending on luck. Despite this, Nikhil and Zoya fall for each other and soon start dating.

The team and the selectors' board want to bring along Zoya as the team's lucky mascot for the world cup but Nikhil is not in favour of that. Zoya's life takes an interesting turn when she is sent to the cricket world cup for an ad shoot with the team, which results in her becoming a national Godlike sensation turning her life upside down.

Director Abhishek Sharma tried to deliver a romantic comedy based on the religion called cricket and the prevailing superstitions in our country. The film presents the viewers with a question about what is bigger, superstitions and luck or self-belief and hard work.

The screenplay in the first half is fun but some jokes feel plain and outdated. The real ride starts in the second half and it is a good one and at times dramatic and intense too.

The best thing about the film is the background commentary which is excellent and hilarious. It not only supports the screenplay and makes you laugh every time but also provides life to the not so happening storyline of the film.

Coming to the acting part, Dulquer Salmaan as the captain of the Indian cricket team is as charming and elegant as one can get. He presents himself with class and heft on-screen as Nikhil Khoda. His character is likable and Dulquer is completely in the skin of Nikhil here. More than Sonam, Dulquer succeeds in leaving an impression in his portrayal of a serious yet romantic captain of the Indian cricket team.

Sonam Kapoor as the silly copywriter with a messed up life tries to look too innocent as Zoya which falls flat. As the team's lucky factor, this silly Zoya is cute & funny and her comic timing is also good. Still, Sonam could have tried to bring more substance and expressions in her character this time as Zoya had lots of potential.

The supporting cast has done a good job, Sanjay Kapoor and Sikander Kher as Zoya's father and brother Zoravar are a great addition to the film and give you some good laughing moments.

Angad Bedi as Robin, Nikhil's rival, who wants to replace him as captain has scored some good points. The other men in blue are good too but except Abhilash Chaudhary as the angry batsman Shivi, nobody leaves an impact.

Though at points they and the members of the cricket board look unconvincing with their shoddy behaviour which seems unfit for someone who is a cricket professional.

Shankar Ehsaan Loy's music is praiseworthy. Arijit Singh and Alyssa Mendonsa's 'Kaash' and Yasseer Desai's 'Maaheru' are pleasantly sweet. The background score is average and fits ok in the film.

There is also a surprise waiting for you in The Zoya Factor and it is completely "Paisa Vasool" and will not be revealed here.

Overall, 'The Zoya Factor' had scope and space for exploring and bringing something new, but the director couldn't manage to get the that on-screen and instead just delivered an average film that could have turned out to be great.

Still, Abhishek Sharma's 'The Zoya Factor' makes up for a fun and delightful one time watch. If you are looking for a clean family comedy, you can give 'Zoya' and her luck factor a try this weekend.
The Zoya Factor
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