My life in there was sex-less: Ravi Kissan
Thursday, February 08, 2007 13:17 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> "I'm Suffering From A 3-Month jetlag," says Ravi Kissan from Mahabaleshwar where he says he has eyes only for his wife.

"I don't want to lose sight of her even for a second. Inside that Bigg Boss it was like being a 5-star prison. You couldn't go out and escape. If you did you had to pay a huge penalty. Well had signed a 12-page contract."

He says he's being mobbed in the malls. "God has made me into a role model. My wife has also become a star. She can't a good deal in the shops. They think she can afford to pay up any price."

Ravi says he has changed completely through the Bigg Boss experience. "I may have come across as aggressive. But I was just being true to myself. Today I'm a changed man. I'm great at domestic chores. I'm terrific at washing utensils and clothes. I can make a parallel career of domestic work.

I'm dying to make paw-bhaji and gajar-halwa for my wife. But she isn't allowing me to do anything that I've learnt in there except give her a toe massage.

Many times she saw me cry on tv for her. When she saw me that way, she fainted. Now we're unable to leave each other for even a second. I worship her, and she worships me back."

Ravi says his life in there was sex-less. "We all lived like monks in there. We all came out better persons. It was like being put in a Shaolin Temple with thirteen hype-minded people. While they brought in their perceptions from the concrete jungle I was the only rustic in there.

I fought against dirty thoughts and articulations. There was no time to be alone except in one corner where I sat smoking and talking to the sky. We didn't have a watch in there."

He describes his relationship with Carol Gracias as a 'pavitra dosti.' "I taught her how to speak Hindi. I used the platform to propagate Bhojpuri. I was the only known name in there. I lost because people in Bihar voted me out of there thinking they were voting me to stay."

Ravi starts shooting for Gabbar Singh in Ekta Kapoor's film on 6 Feb. "I've lost 10 kgs in the Bigg Boss house to play Gabbar. My Bhojpuri belly is gone. Now I'm lean and sexy. People find me hot. This is a villain like never before. I play an ex-soldier who becomes an outlaw.

Jeetendraji is Thakur. I'm aware Bachchan Saab is also playing Gabbar. But to compare me with him is wrong. I'm not even the dust in his feet. Bachchan Saab is God. My film is Gabbar's story.

We're shooting it in Bihar in the same flavour as Omkara. We'll have the same characters as the original Sholay and the same dialogues. But this Gabbar has nothing to do with Amjad Khan Saab or Bachchan Saab. Gabbar is the hero of our version of Sholay."

Ravi claims he's getting calls from huge Hindi producers.

"I've gained a lot from Bigg Boss...gyan, pyar, patni, parivar, dosti, asli chehre, nakli chehre...I won't forget these experiences till the day I die."

Ravi plans to invite all the inmates of Bigg Boss for dinner. "It'll be an experience of a lifetime. I want some of them to be my friends for the rest of my life."

Ravi Kissan hasn't connected with favourite co-star and close friend Nagma after coming out. "But I hear she had things to say while I was away. For her information it wasn't me. It was Aryan Vaid who was bitching about her in Bigg Boss. But I wish her all the best."
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