Kirsten Dunst Replaces Elizabeth Moss in 'The Power of the Dog'
Wednesday, October 09, 2019 14:10 IST
By Shaurya Thakur, Santa Banta News Network
Elizabeth Moss is being replaced by Kirsten Dunst in Jane Campion's "The Power of the Dog." Moss, is said to be exiting the project due to a conflicting work schedule of her Hulu series "The Handmaid's Tale." Dunst received a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently and is coming off her exceptional performance in "On Becoming a God in Central Florida " which has been renewed for a second season.

Based on Thomas Savage's 1967 novel of the same name, "The Power of the Dog" directed by Jane Campion follows wealthy Montana brothers who are two sides of one coin. Dano portrays a man who is stolid, fastidious and gentle, while his brother, played by Cumberbatch, is graceful, brilliant and cruel. They are joint owners of the biggest ranch in the Montana valley. When Dano's character secretly marries a local widow(to be played by Kirsten Dunst), Cumberbatch wages a sadistic, relentless war to destroy her by using her effeminate son as a pawn.

Streaming giants Netflix has acquired the rights for his film and will lease the film in 2021 on the streaming platform and in theaters. See-Saw Films and Big Shell Films/Max Films Production are producing the movie in association with Brightstar and BBC Films. The project has been developed with BBC Films, which is also backing production.
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