Ava Du Verney To Direct DC's 'DMZ' for HBO Max
Wednesday, October 09, 2019 14:12 IST
By Shaurya Thakur, Santa Banta News Network
Ava Du Verney, already working on "New Gods," will be working with DC Universe once again. Du Verney is going to direct a pilot for DC comic storyline "DMZ" which will be premiered on HBO's streaming service HBO MAX.

"DMZ" comic series is set in New York City, sometime in the near future and during a civil war that has turned the island of Manhattan into a demilitarized zone. The conflict concerns two primary forces: the federal government of the United States of America and the Free States armies.

`DMZ` chronicles the journey of a female medic who saves lives while desperately searching for her lost son. She has to contend with the gangs, militias, demagogues, and warlords that control the lawless no man's land.
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