Ardab Mutiyaran Review: Make way for the ladies folks!
Saturday, October 19, 2019 14:20 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Sonam Bajwa, Ninja, Ajay Sarkaria & Mehreen Pirzada

Director: Manav Shah

Rating: ****

Punjabi cinema is growing gradually and bringing newer stories that focus on subjects that need focusing on and this brings to us Manav Shah's latest offering 'Ardab Mutiyaran'.

Ardab Mutiyaran is the story of an independent and self-confident Ardab Mutiyaar from Amritsar, Babbu Bains (Sonam Bajwa), a strong-willed woman who lives life on her own terms and not what how society expects her to.

She is an Ardab Mutiyaar for a reason, She is fearless, top of her field and way ahead of colleagues on the professional front and all goes well till one day she falls in love and marries a guy (Ajay Sarkaria) who thinks she should lead her life according to the societal norms.

Babbu's in-laws try everything to make her change her attitude and the question arises, will Babbu adapt according to what she is supposed to or will she stay the same and kick everyone's ass as she does all the time? The answer lies within.

The screenplay is good and refreshing and the dialogues along with the punch lines are funny and work like magic on screen. The story of the film does total justice with all the characters the social and gender equality message also fits nicely in it. After a long time, Punjabi cinema has come up with something that deserves to be applauded and the credit goes to director Manav Shah and his vision.

Sonam Bajwa plays the fearless recovery agent Babbu Bains, Ajay Sarkaria in his debut film as Babbu's husband 'Bandookwala Bansal' is promising. Ninja plays Babbu's partner and he grows with each character he plays on screen and Mehreen Pirzada as his Boss and bossy contract marriage wife are just great and everyone fits perfectly well in their respective parts but, Sonam steals the show.

The film totally belongs to Sonam Bajwa and she is outstanding in every scene as the commanding and leading lady and she is carrying the whole film on her strong shoulders as 'Babbu the Ardab Mutiyaar'. Babbu is bold and strong and knows how to take the lead and that's what makes her character truly inspiring and motivating.

Ardab Mutiyaran is another feather in Sonam's cap and the climax of the film is also well weaved that portrays the women of the film with pride and dignity. The music department has also done a nice job and special thanks to Sidhu Mossewala's 'Jatti Jone Morh Di' for that.

All in all, Ardab Mutiyaran is a must-watch for Sonam Bajwa's effortless and fantastic act. Its completely her film and she shines in the character of Babbu Bains. Ardab Mutiyaran is not the typical film where women are just used as objects of attraction rather it portrays the women in an independent and empowered avatar. It is a film lead by the ladies but not just for the ladies but for everyone. Watch it with your family.
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