Swing When Youre Winning
Saturday, March 02, 2002 16:05 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

If you like the sounds of the swinging 30's then you'll simply love it! With compilations from artists like Sinatra, Al Jolson, Nat King Cole as some of the tunes you'll hear, Swing When You're Winning is easy on the ear and just the kind of music that you can sit down with your Dad and listen to.

Swing is what you can expect in this album. The first number on the album, I will talk and Hollywood will Listen, sounds like Robbie is in tears and might misguide you to start off with. But the pace suddenly picks up with Mack The Knife with a blaring brass section and Robbie at his vocal best. All women melt when they listen to the duet with Nicole Kidman-Something Stupid. Those of you who have tried to hear the song itself without watching the video, this is probably one of the best numbers on the album. For all you folks in college who are looking around for campfire songs to play on the guitar, Something Stupid is very apt. It's a sweet melody and Nicole Kidman, though not extremely talented vocally, does a superb job. Probably a few vocal exercises, and she'll be there. But as far as duets go, Something Stupid would be the highlight of the album.

Not so, there's It Was A Very Good Year (with Frank Sinatra), that's a haunting tune about putting life that possibly lasts for 70'ish years into the span of year. Anybody around 30 listening to this tune will really go into a slight depression. And then of course there is Sinatra himself. The song starts off with Robbie singing and suddenly Sinatra booms in and literally blows Robbie off the track. That's one thing you'll notice, Robbie and Sinatra's voices really don't compliment each other at all! Then comes Straighten Up And Fly Right, written by Nat King Cole. This track is one of those happy tunes that involve a Monkey and a buzzard. Robbie really does a good job here as well. But it's one of those tracks you really have to be in a good mood for. Other tracks that follow are Well Did You Evah? (with Jon Lovitz), Mr. Bojangles, One For My Baby that are also pretty fine tracks but if you're a first timer with swing music, then you just might start to get bored. And that's when a duet titled Things (with Jane Horrocks) gives a little spice and sweetness to this compilation. But frankly these are the best numbers on this compilation, the only other highlight being Me and My Shadow.

The album also has a few spots of quips between singers, especially on Things where Jane and Robbie quarrel, which are pretty funny. This is probably Robbie Williams' best work to date. Swing When You`re Winning is a must buy for all those who want to develop a mature music taste and for those of you who like music to be more than a standard set of 6 guitar chords.

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