Saturday, March 02, 2002 16:17 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

We would love to call Enrique's latest album Escape, the best thing that has hit the shelves this year, just go with the tide and agree with the record sales figures that the music companies tell us. But No! To call Escape a good album is madness. The music is a total mish-mash of styles and can safely say that Enrique is suffering a musical identity crisis.

The Album starts off with the title track Escape. This can be one of the few good tracks of the album if there were more instruments used for the music. Enrique's vocals are so much like his Dad's that you could suddenly start picturing Julio Iglesias in leather pants. Then comes-Don't Turn Off the Lights which is guitar inspired and has quite a few harmonics. For those with an ear for detail, the rest of the album follows the trend of this song by using Rock guitar riffs quite a bit. This song again has no identity. Very Boring. You have to put up with Love to see you cry, before the song that is currently a hit on the charts comes alive. Hero is easily the best song on a very tired album, and that is not a comparative judgment. It is truly a good song and will be a romantic staple for a while. I will survive comes next and here if you train your ears carefully, you can find some musical similarities to Gloria Gaynor's version. Maybe is the other good track, which is best heard after a break-up, by the beach, and perhaps while having a get the picture. Three more forgettable songs pass before Spanish versions of Escape, Hero and Don't turn the Lights off come in. Now if you have heard a bit of 80's Latin Pop, you will realize that these must have definitely been written in Spanish and then translated. The Vocal patches of Hero if you think carefully, are really a Spanish Tune and in Spanish these songs come out in their full glory.

Escape is an album you will end up buying and probably end up liking for only one song, which isn't really a good reason to buy it. Enrique really sounds odd on this album and the special effects don't make things any better either.

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