Pagalpanti Review: Tries very hard to be funny and keeps trying
Friday, November 22, 2019 13:15 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Arshad warsi, Kriti Kharbanda, Pulkit Samrat, Ileana D'Cruz, Urvashi Rautela, Saurabh Shukla

Director: Anees Bazmee

Rating: *1/2

Pagalpanti is the story of Rajkishore (John Abraham) is a misfortunate man who attracts bad luck where ever he goes. He and his friends Chandu (Arshad Warsi) and Chunky (Pulkit Samrat) get deep in debt, which makes them work with the gangsters Raja (Saurabh Shukla) and Wifi Bhai (Anil Kapoor) who want to recover their money and what it leads them to is the crux of the so-called comedy 'Pagalpanti'.

The plot of director Anees Bazmee's film is outdated and the screenplay, the dialogues and everything else try super hard to make you laugh but fall flat awfully. From the first scene, Pagalpanti is trying to be funny and it keeps trying but doesn't quite succeed in that department.

Anil Kapoor, John Abraham, Arshad Warsi, and Brijendra Kala are the ones that save their dignity with some good performance and comic scenes but the rest of the star cast is just 'Jesters' behaving like jokers hired to make the king laugh.

The leading ladies of the film Ileana D'Cruz, Kriti Kharbanda, and Urvashi Rautela are there to fill up the eye candy department and they do so marvelously while behaving like brainless damsels most of the time.

Pulkit Samrat and Saurabh Shukla try to give their best but the screenplay and story of the film are so cliched and outdated that even these actors look miserable in their skin. Maybe they needed some money badly which led them to sign this film.

Director Anees Bazmee has thrown in everything he had to make it work, car chases, action scenes, African lions for the kids that look great on-screen by the way but the script says 'You Shall Not Pass!' and Pagalpanti tanks.

The music of the film is unbearable and the songs are there to give more headache the audience and as the film nears the climax it changes its clothes and gets dressed in patriotic colors that seems forced and make it even harder to digest.

Overall Pagalpanti intended to be a slapstick comedy but director Anees Bazmee while using the old exhausted comic formula has delivered a mind-numbing film that is nothing but some characters moving around on screen attempting to be funny and then the film ends. 
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