I've found Mom's love letters
Monday, March 05, 2007 12:56 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> It could be a moment worthy of being turned into a celluloid experience. Rituparno Ghosh needed a special pearl necklace for his heroine Konkona Sen-Sharma in Sunglass.

Divulges the emotional director, "We couldn't get what we wanted anywhere. Maybe I'm too fastidious. Or maybe jewellery has now become more an accessory than a part of a woman's personality? We just couldn't locate what we needed."

It was then that Ritu decided to go through his mother's locked possessions. "After Ma's death I had been long planning to go into her things. But there was just no time. This need to feed my creativity offered me just the excuse I needed to visit my past."

The journey proved life-changing. "I discovered parts of my past that I thought I had lost forever. Like my birth certificate and the gold bangle that Ma made me wear when I was born. I also discovered love letters written to Baba by Ma before marriage. And of course her exquisite jewellery."

Konkona gets the privilege to wear the prized pearl necklace in Sunglass. Confesses Ritu, "I don't think I'd have allowed anyone else to wear my mother's jewllery. Konkona is Reena-di's daughter and therefore like my own daughter.

She has worked with me in a number of films including Titli where she starred with Reena-di. Apart from Konkona all the other actresses I've worked with have been stars, with glamorous personalities. Konkona is a true actor. She ceases to be a star in front of the camera."
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