'Rangbaaz Phir Se' Review: A thrilling ride definitely worth binge-watching!
Monday, December 23, 2019 13:44 IST
By Vikas Tiwari, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Sharad Kelkar, Mahima Makawana, Gul Panag, Sushant Singh, Spruha Joshi, Harsh Chhaya

Director: Sachin Pathak

Rating: ****

Zee5 is finally here with the sequel to their 2018 hit crime-thriller web series 'Ranbaaz' and here we are, super excited to let you know 'Phir Se' if it is worth your time to watch 'Rangbaaz Phirse'. So let's start right away!

Rangbaaz Phirse in the story of a young college student Amarpal Singh (Jimmy Sheirgill) from Jaipur, Amarpal is a Rajput who is preparing for UPSC as he wants to become a big government bureaucrat one day. His friends suggest him to go for student body head elections and as luck favors him he emerges victorious.

As Amarpal is about to start a new phase of his life with his wife 'Rukmani' (Spruha Joshi) he starts to learn about the new and harsh realities of life and politics and at this phase of life he gets help from a 'Jaat' Jairam Godara (Sushant Singh).

Soon, Amarpal Singh again stands in 'Panchayat' elections. He and his wife campaign heavily in the elections but still lose just by two votes because of an influential and powerful crime lord Raja Phoghat's (Sharad Kelkar) influence and efforts who later topples Amarpal Singh's life to expand his criminal business.

Amarpal Singh and Jairam Godara get together to destroy Raja Phogat's growing business and power, turning all his men to their side and soon Amarpal realizes that things work because of loyalty and trust, not the communal and divisive way.

Gul Panag plays Ananya Chaudhary, a stockbroker having lost 13 crores in the stock market who comes for help to Amar Singh requesting to save her from the debtors and what her character does later is surprising.

The plot is interesting and the screenplay is gripping and engaging from the very start. Rangbaaz Phirse captures the Rajasthani essence and communal political gang wars in a thrilling way. There are almost no dull moments here thanks to an impressive job by the writers.

The dialogues are great and the amount of romance is balanced so doesn't outshine the main theme of the plot. On the acting front, every actor has portrayed their character so well that they look marvelous in every frame. It is the plot combined with the amazing performances that give Rangbaaz Phirse its real flavor.

Jimmy Sheirgill and Sushant Singh have gone so deep into the skin of Amarpal and Jairam as it is difficult to look at them and think that they are portraying a character and they deliver a stellar performance here.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub impresses yet again. From an innocent student to becoming a street smart cop, he takes it to the next level here and the versatile Sharad Kelkar succeeds in leaving an impact once again as always.

Overall Rangbaaz Phirse is a great piece of entertainment from director Sachin Pathak and the credit also goes to writer Sidharth Mishra for his engaging plot that unfolds so amazingly that you just want to binge-watch and finish the entire season in one go. It has enough amount of thrill, drama and emotions to keep hooked from the start to finish. A must watch!
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