Jaya ignored her injury: Big B
Tuesday, March 06, 2007 15:15 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> If there were any doubts about Jaya Bachchan's powers of resilience here's more proof of it.

Last month she limped through an entire schedule of Goldie Behl's Drona with a severely broken ankle....without even being aware of the injury until much later.

Says the Big B, "She had a fall in Bikaner, and she fractured her ankle and she ignored it. She kept shooting right through the injury. Much after the schedule when the pain got unbearable we got an X-ray done.That's when we detected a crack in the ankle. If we hadn't persuaded her to get it checked it out it wouldn't even have been detected".

Sighs the Big B, "Because of her broken ankle we saw her limping at the Filmfare awards and even in parliament."

While climbing down some stairs Jaya missed one step and landed from Step 1 to Step 3. Her ankle hurt. But she wasn't aware she had cracked it.

Jaya remains as self-effacing as ever. "I don't like to talk about myself. Yes, the ankle is broken. But so what? Life goes on. I go on."
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