Why Shekhar Suman quit TV?
Wednesday, March 07, 2007 11:23 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Shekhar Suman, the man who redefined television entertainment for couch potatoes, is all set to bid adieu to the medium now, his first step walking out of The Great Indian Laughter Champions.

"I have done two seasons of Laughter Challenge. I am happy with the response I have got so far. But, I don't want to drag it on endlessly. I just want to alienate myself from the genre now. It's getting too monotonous for me," says Shekhar on how comedy is stifling him.

Navjot Singh Siddhu is not responsible for his pre-mature exit. "Those were just rumours. I have always shared a good professional relationship with Siddhu and he knows what his job is. I have my own reasons to leave," replies Shekhar.

"I have a lot of talent, why should I restrict myself to just TV? I started my career with serious movies like Utsav and a path breaking show like Reporter.

I felt creatively satisfied as an actor. Although Movers and Shakers, and ...Laughter Challenge got me recognition, I don't enjoy doing the same stuff any more. Why should I be typecast as an anchor, or a comedian, when I can do so much more?" he says.

As for quitting TV for good, he says, "I owe everything that I have today to TV. But, I want to discover newer avenues. Comedy shows are strictly prohibited on my list now. Not any more, please.

I have had enough of it. As far as daily soaps on TV go, I can't relate to them. It would be really stupid to do a regressive show that takes a leap on the whim of the producer," he says.

Movies and music are the next big thing on Shekhar's agenda. He has already cut a music album that will release in April. Besides, he is busy doing two movies. Director Sanjay Jha calls the first one House Arrest, with actress Riturparna Sengupta. "The second project is a big one and I am not supposed to talk about it," he says.

Besides that, he is gearing himself up for his next play. "It deals with serious issues like farmers' suicides. Theatre is my first love and I am very excited about it," he says.
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