Why Bachchan didn't play Holi
Wednesday, March 07, 2007 11:23 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
by Subhash K Jha

Holi, generally a time of great revellery and camaraderie in the film industry, was a subdued affair this time. The main venue of Holi festivities was always the Bachchans. This year there was no Holi at their residence Jalsa. The precarious health condition of Mr Bachchan's mother made any kind of clebration seem unwarranted.

Says the enior AB, "We were just happy being home together. Abhishek's schedule was cancelled, so he got a sudden holiday. We made the best of it."

On the other end, Subhash Ghai, also known to host ritzy Holi events, this time decided to shoot a Holi song for his new film Black & White for the occasion.

Jokes his leading man Anil Kapoor, "I didn't mind appearing in public with all that colour because at least my face gets hidden and what better use of colour television?"

Barely 12 hours after Holi, Sanjay Gupta is still recovering from the revellery the previous day.

"We had a big Holi bash at my home. But only for the cast and crew of my productions. I've a Holi bash every year. But this time, since I was in my new bungalow there was more space, hence more invitees. We had ourselves a grand time. Bappi Lahiri's phenomenally talented son Bappa played for us."
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