Fardeen Khan in Kaante 2
Wednesday, March 07, 2007 11:23 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Sanjay Gupta is getting ready to direct a sequel to his 2002 heist thriller Kaante. The surprise package is Sanjay Dutt stepping in as the screenwriter for this film!

Sanjay Gupta says that Kaante 2 will be an original film.

"Everyone is remaking and adapting films left, right and centre. If I tell you the sources of some of the supposedly original films recently, you'll fall off your chair. Since, I have kind of acquired a reputation for remaking foreign films, I'm now looking at more original scripts," he says.

Kaante 2 will be based on a story that Gupta's buddy Sanjay Dutt narrated. "Sanju gave me this brilliant idea which I simply loved. The two of us are now going to develop Sanju's idea," he says. "In Kaante 2, Sanju and I are scripting a plot that will make the sequel plot-driven.

I've satiated my appetite for fancy technique and storytelling skills. Now story comes first, technique is secondary. In that sense Kaante 2 will be very unlike other sequels like Dhoom 2," he says.

"We'll have Sanju from the original cast, and probably Amitji whom I've already spoken to, and Sunil Shetty. There are Arjun Rampal and Fardeen Khan. I had promised Fardeen that if I ever make a sequel to Kaante it will have him in it," says Gupta

in This era of sequels and remakes, Sanjay Gupta insists that he is not merely cashing in on a trend. "Not at all. There were seeds of a sequel in Kaante and we always intended to make it.

Unlike other recent sequels like Krissh and Dhoom 2, Kaante 2 will be an extension of the earlier film in spirit. The characters will be caught in a different situation," says Gupta.
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