Jinde Meriye Review: An old dish with extra garnishing
Saturday, January 25, 2020 14:08 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Parmish Verma, Sonam Bajwa, Yuvraj Hans, Navneet Dhillon, Hobby Dhaliwal

Director: Pankaj Batra

Rating: ***

After delivering a noteworthy performance in her last venture 'Ardab Mutiyaran', Sonam Bajwa once again returns to the screen with Parmish Verma after last year's 'Singham'. One of the most awaited Punjabi films of 2020, Pankaj Batra's Jinde Meriye is a romantic-action-drama film that narrates the story of two college mates and love-birds.

Yaadi (Parmish Verma) and Rehmat (Sonam Bajwa) have known each other since they were kids and now they are lovers. Whereas Yaadi is a carefree lad who believes in letting loose and enjoying life, Rehmat, on the other hand, is not exactly a book-worm but her focus is on studies as she just wants a simple and happy life and she is working hard for it.

But Yaadi doesn't believe in hard work and taking the road not taken. His idea of success if totally opposite os Rehmat and he wants to have all the luxuries of life in a snap. These two are like the North and South poles who wish to get married but because of Yaadi's view towards life, Rehmat's father (Hardep Gill) is against their marriage as he doesn't think Yaadi is the right guy for his daughter.

Rehmat faces a dilemma as her father makes her choose between him and Yaadi and just like a devoted perfect daughter Rehmat chooses her father. Their move to Scotland and she gets married to an NRI. Back in India, Yaadi still can't get over Rehmat, he moves to England and becomes a member of a mafia group to become super-rich super quick to show Rehmat's dad that he all the luxuries of life to provide his daughter and this is when the movie takes an interesting turn and becomes so much more than just an age-old romantic story of two lovers who are separated by life.

Pankaj Batra's narrative is different than what you might have imagined looking at the trailer of the film. He treats the outdated heartbreak story in a different way which is surprisingly entertaining. The first half of the film is totally predictable but enjoyable and the second half is the part where most of the film's assets lie. Although, the screenplay is a bit stretched and the runtime could have been shorter by 15 minutes or so.

On the acting front, Parmish Verma and Sonam Bajwa fit in their characters convincingly and their on-screen chemistry is fine too but Sonam's character is written in such a way that she doesn't get to do much here. Parmish Verma's character lacks expressions at many points and there are places where things look exaggerated. Thankfully, the film has a strong supporting cast that provides great support to the lead pair.

The music of the film fits the narrative and is moderately good. Klolan is fun, Tere Bin and the title track fill the romantic spots and Glock is a thrilling one. Overall, Pankaj Batra's Jinde Meriye is an old dish presented in a new plate with some extra garnishing that makes it look attractive.
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