I'd rather do Indian films that go international: John
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 14:50 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
John Abraham has an agent in the US. "Post-Water a lot of people think I fit the Latino-Mexican mould in Bollywood. For now I'm very happy shooting with Arshad and Boman for Goal. Plus I've Bipasha with me. So we're having a ball."

John isn't eager to take the foreign route unlike the Mallika Sherawats of Bollywood who search for an international career through Hollywood projects.

"I'd rather do Indian films that go international like Deepa Mehta's Water. Of course I'd take up a mainstream offer from the US if I get it.

But at this point of time I'm not interested in beating my chest and shouting from rooftops about a bit role in some international project. I love working in Hindi films. And I'd never alienate myself from that audience for the sake of some pie in the sky.

I'm really excited about doing a commercial cinema in our country. As for that one stray international offer a year, every actor in Bollywood gets it, na?
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