Kareena & Shahid hurt Salman's ego
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 14:58 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> The Shahid-Kareena Kapoor starrer Milenge Milenge directed by Satish Kaushik has been in the making for nearly two years.

So what gives?

Apparently Boney Kapoor's lucky mascot Salman Khan who bailed the distressed producer out by doing an extended guest appearance in No Entry, is in an indirect way, responsible for the film's delay.

Salman was in fact supposed to do an extended 12-day cameo guest appearance in Milenge Milenge, not just because of his rapport with Boney but also for Satish Kaushik with whom Salman collaborated over the memorable Tere Naam.

Even the dates on which Salman was supposed to shoot for Boney's film had been roughly worked out.

However when Salman returned from the Rock Stars concerts with Shahid and Kareena he flatly refused to give the dates and politely told Boney he won't be doing it.

What happened?

Boney has no explanation to offer. "I've no clue why Salman decided he didn't want to do Milenge Milenge any longer. I needed him for a very important cameo and he had happily agreed to do it after the world concerts. When he returned from the concerts he said he won't do it. I was baffled. But I didn't probe.

I love and respect Salman too much to question him. I remember how warm-hearted he was during No Entry. He was, and will remain, one person who will always be there for me even at 2 in the morning if I need help...

Something must have happened during the concerts to make him change his mind," Boney trails off mysteriously, and adds, "Salman is not someone to back out of any commitment without provocation."

A member of the Rock Stars team has a valid explanation. "Salman felt snubbed by Shahid and Kareena. While the other singletons in the troupe sucked up to him, poured wine into his glass and laughed at his jokes, Shahid and Kareena spent all their free time together.

This really hurt Salman's ego. He felt they were deliberately ignoring him. Being emotional by nature Salman withdrew from the first thing that could affect the pair namely their pending film."

Whatever the reason the fact remains Milenge Milenge remains stuck until Salman decides to bail out the troubled project.
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