Ekta Kapoor's ‘Heart to Heart’ with Sri Sri Ravishankar was insightful. See, how it enlightened all of the viewers!
Saturday, May 09, 2020 14:23 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Producer Ekta Kapoor has really provided the light of hope amidst the darkness of fear and chaos during this perilous time of the lockdown caused due to the pandemic. She has extended her support to different segments of the population who are in need.

However, the producer's virtuous acts did not take a pause there. The producer was seen in a live stream on a social media platform, having a very riveting conversation with Global Humanitarian and Spiritual Leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on 8th May.

Ekta asked the Gurudev some very insightful questions. She inquired to gain some clarity on the topic of Karma where she asked, "So what is the role of karma? If everyone is doing their part, then where are we creating that karma? Karma is beyond coincidence. It is what we do." To which Sri Sri Ravi Shankar replied "Correct. Whatever has happened in the past is because of the karma. Abhi aage kya karna hai... hamare mann ko hum jitna clean rakhte hai, clear rakhte hai, iss baat ko samajh lete, the moment you understand it is because of karma, then already you are free. You have come here with a comibination of choice which you have to endure. Kuch toh choice hai aur kuch apna prarabdh hai."

Ekta Kapoor and Gurudev also covered a number of assorted subjects like Evolution, After Life, Sexual offense, Love, and Adding value to life. The conversation really opened the viewer's eyes and bought to light various topics that are rarely spoken about in day-to-day life.

When Ekta asked Gurudev if he believes in afterlife, he replied, `Believe nahi, main jaanta hun. Believe usme karna padta hai jiske baare main hum jaante nahi.`

Thanks to Ekta Kapoor the audience was graced with such an intriguing and gripping conversation. She is truly a symbol of hope during these times and this dose of positivity amid this all truly is very encouraging for all the viewers.
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