Sunny Singh wants to try action-comedy also and many other genres!
Friday, May 22, 2020 10:16 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Sunny Singh's remarkable performances in his films have been loved and appreciated by all. The actor has always bought fresh and new characters on the plate with his each movie. The actor has earned massive respect from his viewers for his work.

In a recent interview with a leading website, Sunny Singh was asked if being called a 'Delhi ka Munda', which is a popular Pan-India template that people love, just how Ranveer Singh is born and brought up in Mumbai, people too had a notion for Sunny and if that zone benefit him. To which the actor replied, "Yes, a lot! You know, I am not from Bombay. My roots belong to a different place. Why I say, a lot? The reason is- the place you come from, the language you speak in or what you like is an important thing when it comes to this zone. The things that you are not comfortable with as an actor, for that you have to first make your mark as an actor. You have to see what you want to do and if you like it, then keep doing that.`

Adding further, he says, `For instance, I like action-comedy. So I want to try that also and many other genres. But, initially you know the makers come with a certain genre to each actor and ask, `It's a comedy. Would you do it? The filmmaker suddenly can't say that, `Let's do a thriller with Sunny`, you know. It is a process. I think, once a filmmaker sees me do different scenes and act in different genres, they would come and simultaneously, it would help me explore other genres.`

On how this journey comes together as an actor, he says, `A star would get a movie of any genre. But, for any new actor to become a star, it takes atleast 15-20 years.` Truly, Sunny's journey as an actor has been highly promising and with this, we do want to see Sunny in different genres.

Sunny Singh was last seen in mom-com Jai Mummy Di. The actor's recent song 'Holi Mein Rangeele' was a huge hit and played on a loop in many playlists.
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